Sunday, November 27, 2005


While Legend and I confer about the 10,000 hit picture, here's a tribute to that pretentious prick, Andy Warhol! I'm kinda on a disembodied stomping kick right now. It's good for me.


  1. Ha, first again ;)

    Nice face and nice view. Also like the blue one, remembers me of the guys in Interstella 5555. Hm, not many naked girls on your pictures I think. What about some facesitting while ballbusting or something like that ? ;)

  2. Dude - my missus thanks you. She's contemplating framing some of these!! Dya remember the elaborate ones like masturbating herself, while squashing some bruised bollocks through a hole in the wall? :o)

    Great stuff.

  3. I haven't forgotten about the previous request, fear not.
    I'm working on the 10,000 hit pic, so bear with me :)