Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yay! Olympic Ballbusting!

So Legend inspired me to start a small series. Let's pretend BB is an Olympic event. I love the Olympics more that anyone in the world, and I'd love them even more if hot girls from the globe attacked men from other countries in the pursuit of gold. This is the first match up, France vs. Russia. Oh, and for Legend, I'll be drawing a toon of one specific Fencer. Oh, and I'm still working on Jon Offen's latest cover, starring Nat! Woot! And the comics and animations are on their way. I'll be taking a vacation from work when the next few projects are done, just to get the site online.
Peace all!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Latest Developments

Hey true believers. So some friends and voice actresses I've been working with over the past few months on the BB Cartoons all agreed with me that some of the dialog was, "canned" and "cheesy", which I personally love. We brainstormed and decided I should make cartoons using the actual sound from our BB sessions, so we've been taping the last few play sessions to use the sound. I then decided since I'm taping the sessions anyway, I may as well edit them and make the dvds available too. So that will be an extra part of the BB Cartoon site. I think they'll be neat cartoons to make, and you fellas will know all the laughter and all the sound effects and groans of agony are genuine, from real people enjoying BB. Thanks for all your comments, no I'm not dead, and this blog isn't either :)
Here are some toon versions of stills from our footage thus far. Peace all! Hope to have the site up soon, I just keep coming up with ideas.

EDIT: To the guy that's posting my pay stuff for free...quit it.