Thursday, August 20, 2009

I guess it comes with the territory

A friend recently e-mailed me to inform me that more of my pay comics have been posted for free on various places. I hope the offending party understands that I don't make a lot of money doing this, but that it is factored into my budget, so if I stop making the necessary amount, I won't be able to keep doing it. I know I haven't been posting as many free cartoons, and that's my fault. However I have contributed more totally free BB cartoons than any other artist, and I can say that with confidence. I'm more disappointed than really angry this time because it's some anonymous joe, not someone I thought I knew.
So I ask, if it's anyone who visits this blog (which I think it must be) please remove the offending material. In this economy I can't afford to lose this money. If you guys like BBtoons by Knave, help me keep the pay stuff pay, and the free stuff free. I'll do my part and try to get more free stuff online really soon.
I still love you, true believers. You're my guys, my comrades, my friends. Let's keep it real.