Thursday, January 22, 2009

Office Affair

It's been awhile since I did an office themed 'toon. Tah Da! Thanks for the comments fellas, I appreciate your continued presence on the blog. Anonymous, you asked what the holdup is. It's simply that I won't hose you guys, and PayPal won't approach "high risk" businesses, i.e gambling, travel, pharmaceuticals and porn. No worries though! The material will be available as soon as I can make it so. Until then let's keep enjoying free cartoons shall we?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back to Basics

HAHAHA! "This is your blog on economics", nice man, nice :)
You're right, and you're alright fellas. Well, because I refuse to bleed you guys at images4sale, we play the waiting game.
Until then it's back to basics, i.e free cartoons. I like drawing them, and I hope you still like looking at them. Here's a girl that feels like I do. Thanks for your continued support, advice and visits guys. More free cartoons on their way.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Update #2 Newer Update

-------EDIT (cartoon added)-------
Thanks for commenting guys! I really appreciate the feedback.
Alright, so some of you are for, some are against. I have good news and bad news. The good news is the comics will indeed be cheaper on Oronjo, because I'll be getting a much larger portion of the profits. The bad news is that the comics will still be available on images4sale, but I will raise the price there such that the profits match that of Oronjo. I'm planning on selling the Oronjo comics for $10. So that translates to $16 on images4sale. Someone mentioned regular comic prices, well I'm not a publishing house selling thousands of copies, and I'm also not J. Scott Campbell making thousands on every cover and page. I'm just a schmuck who likes to draw cartoon girls kicking balls :) So the price difference is understandable.
In related news Oronjo and I are in talks about how best to make the comics available. We want the process to be easy and fast. It's getting around PayPal that's the problem. I can't risk going against PayPal's corporate policies. I've read too many horror stories of frozen assets and cancelled accounts and "seizure of funds". To everyone who buys stuff using PayPal, look them up. They're kind of an evil jackass to their sellers. But anyway, We're still close my friends.
I'll keep you all informed as to where we go next.
I nthe mean time, keep rapping at me about this process. I want you guys to feel good about buying this stuff. The whole reason I'm pushing to make more from each sale is because I want to make more of it, and if I could go into the office less, and animate and draw more, that would be awesome. Okay, I've rambled enough. Bye for now!

EDIT: I figured two posts is too many to not have a cartoon. Why do I like ovals so much?

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Hey everyone! Okay, the good news is I've finished the last comic I was working on. They're all colored, they're all shaded, they've got word balloons, backgrounds etc. etc. Now the only thing standing in the way of inevitable progress (i.e putting them online) is the third party merchant I'm going to use. I wrote them Friday last to ask a question, I'm hoping they'll get back to me tomorrow. While we wait for their reply, here's a question you can answer, faithful readers, that will help me get the comics to you in the best way possible:

The service I'll be using is called Oronjo and it appears to rock hard core. Normally they use PayPal or Google Checkout but sadly those merchants don't allow any kind of adult content to be sold through them. However, we may be able to bypass those prudes if customers have an Oronjo "wallet". This type of purchase doesn't involve PayPal or Google, and is 100% adult-friendly and has no fees whatsoever. So, the question is, would you folks get an Oronjo wallet if it meant you could buy comics?

Please let me know, either here in comments or to my hotmail e-mail (knavebb@...).
I really want to hear from you, as you guys are the only reason I do any of this.

Also, as an aside, Oronjo has a super easy way to give to charity. So expect comics and drawings that help out with causes close to my heart. I'll also be using Oronjo's "name your own price" feature to sell smaller comics, single drawings and other small stuff. You'll be able to pay any price for these special items, from $0.00 and up. Isn't that awesome!?

You can see I'm stoked about this new business model. I'll be able to host comics right here on the blog, we'll give to charity, it'll be great. I have to apologize for the ridiculous wait and the numerous delays, but we're so close now I can't be anything but excited. get back to me and let me know what your thoughts are true believers! Hopefully the next post will be the grand unveiling of the new stuff. (Crosses Fingers)