Thursday, January 22, 2009

Office Affair

It's been awhile since I did an office themed 'toon. Tah Da! Thanks for the comments fellas, I appreciate your continued presence on the blog. Anonymous, you asked what the holdup is. It's simply that I won't hose you guys, and PayPal won't approach "high risk" businesses, i.e gambling, travel, pharmaceuticals and porn. No worries though! The material will be available as soon as I can make it so. Until then let's keep enjoying free cartoons shall we?


  1. Well thanks for not hosing us! And even more thanks for the free cartoons.... damn, I wish I worked with a chick like that!!!

    Sorry to see things didn't work out with the Oronjo site. That sounded like it had some really interesting potential. Especially that ability to funnel percentages towards charity. Too bad Paypal isn't as progressive. But as you said, until then I will definitely enjoy the free stuff! :-D

  2. oh yeah! I really liked both episodes of the "Millionaire's Daughter"!! I think it's the sexiest comic. I truly hope it gets continued when the new comics eventually become available. I would love to see what her and her friends have planned for Ego....

  3. ok, so it's me again... I've got an idea for a story I would love to see penned by you. is there an email address I can send that to? I know I've seen it somewhere before but I couldn't find my way back to it again. thanks, buddy! :-)

  4. Wow CS, thanks for all the nice comments! :)
    I'm glad you like Millionaire's Daughter, the next installment isn't drawn yet, but man oh man it's gonna be a doozy. I've gotten it all written out, now I just have to actually make it.
    As for stories and submissions and presents and critiques and all that good jazz, as always just send them to my hotmail account, namely knavebb@
    Thanks again for your kind words!

  5. How do I e-mail or receive e-mail about how to post my own stories/drawings here or to the website owner

  6. Just wanted to say I love your art style! and I really loved the comics I've seen. :)

  7. Hey dude, love your drawings, some of the best BB art evar. Especially dig the big smiles. Keep doin what you do man.

  8. Knave! So much art these days - fantastic!

    I needed to comment quick because that girl's outfit is unnervingly like my own on my first day back at the office today, except I chose (perhaps unwisely) to wear the skirt low enough to cover the tops of my stockings. Too funny.

    LoveLoveLove! Good luck with the site stuff! Let us know if there's anything we can do to help!


  9. Ha! That's hilarious dear. I'd love to see that outfit.
    Thanks so much for your continued support of this silly lil' blog Nora, your presence here is appreciated :)


  10. August 15, 2007:
    “…I'm going to open the brand new comic/animation page. I've written something like 12 new books and four or five new animations, so keep your eyes here for updates. It's good to be back!...”
    December 31, 2007:
    “…On a lighter note, I found a new third-party merchant through which I can finally sell my animations…”
    March 25, 2008:
    “…I'm working on animations, and hope to have the site up soon. I know, I know, I said that like two years ago...well keep your pants on!...”
    April 30, 2008:
    “…More news and updates on the site coming soon friends. I'm bogged down with all sorts of work right now, but when it's done, the new site is priority one…”
    August 8, 2008:
    “…Peace all! Hope to have the site up soon, I just keep coming up with ideas…”
    August 18, 2008:
    “…And the comics and animations are on their way. I'll be taking a vacation from work when the next few projects are done, just to get the site online…”
    November 28, 2008:
    “…I'm going to try and make the new comics and animations available before 2009”
    “…I understand if some of you continue to be skeptical, but just wait and see, I'm as good as my word on this one!”
    December 17, 2008:
    “…We're very close to a Christmas or slightly belated Christmas release! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! AAAAHHH!!”
    January 5, 2009:
    “…I have to apologize for the ridiculous wait and the numerous delays, but we're so close now I can't be anything but excited……Hopefully the next post will be the grand unveiling of the new stuff.”
    January 22, 2009:
    “…No worries though! The material will be available as soon as I can make it so…”
    Interesting business model you have here :-P

    You don't ACTUALLY want to make a new site or collect any money, do you? This is some weird social experiment, isn't it?

  11. How can I contact you to solicit custom work?

  12. I had to said... he's got a point! it just like we are gonna make it but it never ends !!! arrrg... love you, love your work, but it's so frustrating. or maybe it is a social experiment ?!? ho crap