Thursday, February 19, 2009

Well Fuck

---------------------------------------------------------- is officially dead due to PayPal conflicts. Every third party merchant I look at is a terrible business, and images4sale is basically theft. I don't know what to do fellas. I'll take advice in the form of constructive suggestions. Ugh.



  1. Honestly man, I have no real advice to offer you. I just hope you find some sort of solution before you get to the point where you no longer feel like giving any effort. That will be a sad day for all of us :(

    In other news, have you checked your hit counter lately? Hot damn!

  2. The amount of hits makes me wonder just how many ballbusting fetishists are out there. Or how obsessively those that are check this page. Honestly, I haven't found anything that compares to the hotness of Knaves work. Mom Teaches Self Defense is the only time I've actually paid for porn in my life, and hot damn was it worth it.

  3. images4sale takes what, 40%? What about CCBill? Femaledom uses them, and the fees range from 11.5% to 14.5% depending on total volume.

    What about technically selling some "normal" pics (cute non-porn stuff) so these billing sites will accept it; then you can send each buyer a "bonus" cartoon set afterward. There's be more work to do from your side, but may work.

  4. did you try this site?
    Maybe it is cheaper than the others you tried

  5. This might be a silly suggestion, but have you looked into using Ebay and the "buy it now" option? I think that they have an adult only section. You could set a minimum price that people pay, and it might even provide an easy option for people to pay more if they wanted.

    I'm not sure about this, but it's a thought. I'm just looking for a way to get my hands on your new materials

  6. I've seen people use paypal to "accept donations" so they may continue their work.
    Just sell under the guise of accepting money for your free work and then send your donors a thank you gift.


  7. I agree. Don't let the bastards grind you down. Let the girls do it instead!

    I'm anxiously awaiting Mill. Daughter 2.2 I got the first one free, so I bought the second. And that was sooooo long ago. I'm a trample guy myself and love your BB work.