Saturday, May 21, 2011

What Doesn't Kill Us...

HELLO TRUE BELIEVERS! So I was informed somewhat recently that this blog was taken down temporarily by blogger, and that scared me a little bit, honestly, so now I am looking for a new home on the interwebs, preferably one that I can just port this blog over to. Any suggestions?
In the mean time, work (real-life work) has been CRAZY busy, but the three projects are all due in early June, so I will finally have time to finish the collaboration with BBMal, which is looking super good if I do say so myself. Also there's a giant, super-secret project that will be done around the same time since I have lit a fire under my arse to finish it. AND there will probably be a BETTER, CHEAPER way to buy comics soon!!!! FINALLY! I'll be able to sell to you all cheaper, but actually make more profit off each sale. Hallelujah!!!
Here's a quick character sketch I did for Mal's latest prequel to the bigger story we collaborated on. I'M NEVER DEAD! AND I LOVE YOU ALL FOR STICKING THIS OUT WITH ME! Happy end of the world day all! :)