Saturday, December 24, 2005

A Day Off?!

Enjoy your weekend folks!
To everyone that's supported me and sent me mail and comments, thanks a lot!

{Knave's Wish List}
Dear Santa, I would like the following, and mind you they are listed in no particular order.
1.) Any number of videos portraying cute girls and/or hot women (wearing socks) happily kicking guys in the balls.
2.) Any number of willing cute girls/or hot women willing to aid my current girlfriend in the joyful kicking of my balls (they should wear socks).
3.) Any number of ad execs willing to put high traffic ads on my little blog, and pay be a buttload for every click they get (which should be a lot).
4.) Any number of easy-to-deal-with clients willing to pay my outrageous Illustration and Animation fees.
5.) Anything I may have missed...maybe like a lot of videos with cute ass girls/damn hot women kicking and stomping the sperm out of some balls...with socks on. :)

Friday, December 23, 2005

{cricket noises}

So, photos not popular. I understand, there's plenty of'em. Let's get back to toons!

Dereknor, here's your 20,000 hit pic. I might decide to do your other suggestion later.
In retrospect, I made this girl really hippy. I like it.

Right, a lot of people have suggested it...let's see if it would fly.

QUESTION: Would you ever consider paying money for a full color BB comic, a fully animated BB short, or an illustrated BB story?

If the answer if yes, leave a comment to this post, and just say "yes".

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Yeah, why not? I tried to upload an animated gif, but no luck. Here's a filmstrip with some choice frames from some fun I had with my girl friend the other day. I'm busy working on presents for family and friends, and trying not to kill my most recent client, so I'll update with some new toons as soon as things calm down.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Busy as a Bee

I haven't been able to draw nearly as much as I would like, but at least with all the hours I'm working I'm finally making some money.
Here's the cheerleader pic. Though Legend's pic was technically the 10,000 hit one, I put the wording on this one, because it just felt right.
I guess we're up to the 20,000 hit pic, so here's the challenge. As usual past winners are ineligible.

"Weep, for I am lonely and thin.
Rejoice for I am beloved, hearty and full.
I am quite tall, then I am made stumpy.
I am varied in my multitudes, all ethnicities represented.
From day to day I leave, can I return?
What am I?"

First comment to answer correctly gets the personalized toon prize. Have at it!

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Boots. Knees. Take that anonymous slack man!
So, what do you guys think? I got a comment recently that said I was sacrificing sexiness for art.
I figured while I was drawing a bunch of toons, I'd play around with style, line, color etc. I'm curious about your opinions though, so we can discuss eroticism and style in the comments.
What is erotic art? What's erotic?

Thanks for the Hits folks!

I'm back! I'm better, my work schedule has calmed down just a little and I downloaded a bunch of new music, so it's time for toons!
Here's Legend's request. First comment that can name the race of the ladies earns a quick present. Knackers and Legend aren't eligible. {duh}

See ya soon.

Sunday, December 4, 2005

I'm sick

Well I've been sick as a dog and working my ass off for this new client, so I haven't had time to draw. I figured I'd throw another rerun up. Enjoy. I'm going to go hack up my last lung now.