Friday, December 23, 2005

{cricket noises}

So, photos not popular. I understand, there's plenty of'em. Let's get back to toons!

Dereknor, here's your 20,000 hit pic. I might decide to do your other suggestion later.
In retrospect, I made this girl really hippy. I like it.

Right, a lot of people have suggested it...let's see if it would fly.

QUESTION: Would you ever consider paying money for a full color BB comic, a fully animated BB short, or an illustrated BB story?

If the answer if yes, leave a comment to this post, and just say "yes".


  1. yes,yes,yes,yes,yes,yes,yes,yes,yes,etc,etc. i love your work man!!

  2. WOW. Very hot. I used to seat next to a very hot girl in high school, who was always joking about low blows, and i always had the fantasy of her doing something under the table to me. Very Hot.

  3. i like photos, and yes, there are too many, so if you're planning to put photos, they should be as good as your drawin's!

  4. Thanks ;)

    Have my own picture hehe

    OH, and yes, I actually paid money for some ballbusting Mangas on For such rare thinks I have no problem to pay money.

  5. Hell yeah. Full color BB comic would rule and I'd bet you'd make a killing from the guys on the bb boards.


  6. hmm it's good, but... her hips are... FAT!!!

  7. depends on how much