Sunday, December 11, 2005


Boots. Knees. Take that anonymous slack man!
So, what do you guys think? I got a comment recently that said I was sacrificing sexiness for art.
I figured while I was drawing a bunch of toons, I'd play around with style, line, color etc. I'm curious about your opinions though, so we can discuss eroticism and style in the comments.
What is erotic art? What's erotic?


  1. I think erotic is different for everyone... personally, I thought the two hottest illustrations were the "Flowers for the wrong girl" and your adventures w/ Knave nutcracker Suite comic. But I also like the tamer stuff. People who like the harder stuff probably liked the bloody ones. So I dont think there can be a single answer as to what's erotic. That's like asking, "What's funny?"

    Personally, I like that you change your style up. Even though I like the cartoony stuff alot more, it's cool to see the different styles you use, and makes you appreciate the particular style you like best more. Just my opinion.

  2. Are we getting philosophical? Ok, works for me...
    I would say the best in your cartoons is your humor. And you're very creative, wich brings that sense of non-realism, wich I do consider great. I'm particularly not fan of blood, but it was ok in "Parfum", for it's classical red touch.
    Now, in synthesis, I would say that "erotic" is what brings you joy! And confused_ed is right when he points out that it's personal...but I also believe that, somehow, you achieve the "erotic" in most of your cartoons...for most guys here. So I think you can mix styles, still maintain you creativity, and it'll be allright!

  3. sacrificing sexiness for art. hmmm.

    first of all, thats not always a bad thing.

    but I dont really see you doing that except (in my opinion) in "flowers for the wrong girl" and "warholian"

    The pants on those flower girls just are way too big, lol.

    This is highly subjective of course, if I had a thing for bellbottoms I would think that one was most sexy.

    Also personally the closer to realistic proportions you come (so far) the sexier imho. like the "how many kicks" pic with the owl, "enough pop tarts" or, "knee job", "freshly squeezed" and the native american one..

    Sure those arent realistic proportions, and I would like them less if they were any MORE realistic (keep the long-ass legs and little waists! lol) but compared to the further-from-realistic pics like "flowers for the wrong girl", and "the adventures of knave and jodie" etc. with the short wide heads, the more realistic ones are just 110% sexier to me.

    I consider that your "main style" tho, most of yourstuff seemsto be that way, so lucky me!

  4. I reckon this is some of your finest work yet. Personally, I'm not such a fan of the ultra-violent bloody ones.

    Keep up the great work!

  5. Nudity, masturbation and better looking guys would all be a plus. Give the guys some character, and form. Make the girls wickeder and sneekier. The cow pic is great. Let's see some before and after chopping, and some dialogue. Make a comic strip, like a weekly serial buster strip and sell ad space to the other ballbusting sites.... Create some memorable characters and imbue them with various attributes and build strips around them. You could target two gore levels - one erotic nudie stuff with funnier busting, one more on the Calligula tip: cute but cruel.

    Hey, and if you do decide to do this and you need a writer, let's talk.... There's no reason you shouldn't make a living doing what you love instead of prostituting yourself to others.

  6. Great stuff,
    I love everything you do,im not BIG on the bloody stuff but the rest is pure quality art at its finest.
    Would love to see some sexy cartoon asain chicks bust some balls...
    Keep up the great work....

  7. Just to weigh in, my favorites are the ones with more original, interesting, and complex scenarios. The stories are good (the Knave and Jodie ones), but I like even better the ones where it seems like a snapshot from an interesting scenario. Specifically, my favorites are the cow one, the one with the guy holding the karate pads but getting kicked in the balls, the indian girl, the pain tolerance contest one, and one with the guy in the ice. Obviously that shows a pretty strong bias in favor of the reruns, so if your tastes have changed and you don't like doing those as much, then don't mind me, but I thought that I'd weigh in on what I like in case it matters.