Monday, December 19, 2005

Busy as a Bee

I haven't been able to draw nearly as much as I would like, but at least with all the hours I'm working I'm finally making some money.
Here's the cheerleader pic. Though Legend's pic was technically the 10,000 hit one, I put the wording on this one, because it just felt right.
I guess we're up to the 20,000 hit pic, so here's the challenge. As usual past winners are ineligible.

"Weep, for I am lonely and thin.
Rejoice for I am beloved, hearty and full.
I am quite tall, then I am made stumpy.
I am varied in my multitudes, all ethnicities represented.
From day to day I leave, can I return?
What am I?"

First comment to answer correctly gets the personalized toon prize. Have at it!


  1. Hm, first I thought about an erection hehe
    but maybe hair ?

  2. Are you a tree maybe?

  3. I was thinking a shadow but then again maybe it was the drow. That succubi in MM1 was hot too. Love your work, especially the amused expression on the girls faces as they take advantage of the balls they don't have. My mate certainly enjoys it, it makes her quite wet as does your art. -Ouch

  4. HA, I have won ? Wow ;)
    Wasn't really sure about the answer. Its hard to understand the riddle when you are not speaking english very well. But you have done well, too. Cause there was no way to find the answer in the internet ;)

    Hmmm, but know I have to give a good Idea.
    I would like a picture with a girl holding a guy, while other girls from the women-soccer team shoot balls in his groin. Thats a nice scene from a story.
    Or a girl sitting in school and using the balls of her neighbour as anti-stressballs. Maybe without male body on the genitals. Choose the one you prefer to draw.
    But the girl should be short darkbrown haired and smaller, with jeans ;)

  5. Disembodied!!! YAY!! (Love the little loop of string around the package) :)