Sunday, December 11, 2005

Thanks for the Hits folks!

I'm back! I'm better, my work schedule has calmed down just a little and I downloaded a bunch of new music, so it's time for toons!
Here's Legend's request. First comment that can name the race of the ladies earns a quick present. Knackers and Legend aren't eligible. {duh}

See ya soon.


  1. Another fantastic work knave!!
    I think that ladies belong to the ancient race of the ballbuster-elf, the race who lives in Femmena Land, where every male is forced to receive every type of torture at his groin from any female elf :)
    (sorry for my english, but i'm italian and i don't speak english very well!)

  2. i beleive they are drow elf (dark elf), other wise known as smurfs. ha ha, jk.

    but seriously, drow elves.

  3. Hm, first thought about that blue race from star trek, or maybe the same race like that blue commander in Star Wars. The Ferrons from Perry Rhodan are blue, too. Maybe some kind of sea or winter elves. In Everquest, there are dark elves, which are blue with white hair.
    I wrote a story some years ago about a race called Pioa, they looked like Elves too and had white hair ;)

    Thats all I know about blue elves hehe
    Oh, and great picture ;)

  4. good guesses Dereknor, and very creative answer Dec, your english is excellent!
    Our winner however is carnivorous daisy.
    You sir have proven yourself to be a nerd. Congrats!
    What kind of pic do you want?

  5. I believe it's un-PC to use the term "Ball Busting Dark Elf"... I think in modern society we're suppose to use the term: "Morally challenged, Genderly-Driven, pigmantly enhanced, Elven-American." If you do not change the name, the head of the elven-american alliance, Katie Couric, will file suit against you.

  6. how about a japanese school girl uses a guys balls like a speed bag? that would be great!

  7. ooops, I wouldn't think in half of this answers...boy, I'm never gonna win anything! *sob*. Hohoho!
    Now, I'm sure we're all glad you got better!!!
    By the way, just curious, are you planning a "xmas special pic"?

  8. great pic knave!
    glad to see your feeling better too!

    I really like the fact that you fleshed out the background in this one. kinda like you were saying earlier about how a lot of your art is like sketches rather than finished pieces.

    nice lantern too!