Sunday, August 13, 2006

Stop the guesses!

We have a winner! Kinta-man has completed all 3 parts! Giv'im a round of applause!
Here's the solution.

Part one was surrounded with colored words, which, when arranged according to their sequence in the rainbow, formed a quote by Leonhard Euler.

On arriving at Leonhardeuler's blogspot page, this image was seen:

The lady saying TKEP refers the the page "The Kill Everyone Project" and the egyptian characters refer to a name, Nefer-Neferu-Khepri. On that page, Nefer-Nefer-Khepri has 5678 kills. In his profile is this riddle:

A dark cyclops lies on the field, sword in hand.
Supine, gazing up, unable to move.
Miserable, surrounded by kin, similarly lain.
Atropus, Lachesis and Clotho rule them.
They can dig their own graves.
ANSWER ME THIS! What is the cyclops' name?

the final answer: The Jack of Spades.

Good job amigo! Get back at me with your script!

With the sheer number of people that made it to part 3, I know I have to make the next one of these much, MUCH more difficult!