Sunday, August 13, 2006

Stop the guesses!

We have a winner! Kinta-man has completed all 3 parts! Giv'im a round of applause!
Here's the solution.

Part one was surrounded with colored words, which, when arranged according to their sequence in the rainbow, formed a quote by Leonhard Euler.

On arriving at Leonhardeuler's blogspot page, this image was seen:

The lady saying TKEP refers the the page "The Kill Everyone Project" and the egyptian characters refer to a name, Nefer-Neferu-Khepri. On that page, Nefer-Nefer-Khepri has 5678 kills. In his profile is this riddle:

A dark cyclops lies on the field, sword in hand.
Supine, gazing up, unable to move.
Miserable, surrounded by kin, similarly lain.
Atropus, Lachesis and Clotho rule them.
They can dig their own graves.
ANSWER ME THIS! What is the cyclops' name?

the final answer: The Jack of Spades.

Good job amigo! Get back at me with your script!

With the sheer number of people that made it to part 3, I know I have to make the next one of these much, MUCH more difficult!


  1. Congrats Kinta-man!

    This contest was fun, I did well with the first two, but I've never been any good at those kinds of word puzzles.

  2. Nice Riddle-making ;)

  3. très joli travail, idée originale
    encore bravo
    les suggestions sont elles les bienvenes ?

  4. Well, I cant speak for everyone EM, but personally I liked the treasure hunt part more so then the riddle part. Maybe because I'm not good at those kinds of riddles ;), or maybe because if you dont know the answer to the riddle, you'll probably never get it. If you dont know the answer to the treasure hunt, you can keep working at it and keep looking around to try to work it out. In other words, a treasure hunt you can keep working on, a riddle usually you either get it, or you're not going to get it. But all the same, I hope everyone gets to see the winning comic, because I'd look forward to seeing it!

  5. ehm..i did not understand the address to part three o.0 lol

  6. yeah understood it all.........not i must need help.

  7. this is a great idea and fun...too bad my IQ was too low to even figure out the first puzzle.

    Keep up the riddles though

  8. EM, could you please tell me the address of part three?? thanks

  9. ehi there? could you help?

  10. yeah, there wasn't any address for part were just supposed to email him with
    1)Leonhard Euler 2)Nefer-Neferu Khepri and 3)The Jack of Spades.

    I would like to thank Google, my friends who had mentioned the Kill Everyone Project some time ago, and scout camp poker games for teaching me about things like bedpost queens, suicide kings and of jacks. =)

    I hope not to disappoint you all with my eventual BB script.

  11. I'm looking forward to reading and illustrating it!


  12. getting bored now anymore updates in the near future