Saturday, May 21, 2011

What Doesn't Kill Us...

HELLO TRUE BELIEVERS! So I was informed somewhat recently that this blog was taken down temporarily by blogger, and that scared me a little bit, honestly, so now I am looking for a new home on the interwebs, preferably one that I can just port this blog over to. Any suggestions?
In the mean time, work (real-life work) has been CRAZY busy, but the three projects are all due in early June, so I will finally have time to finish the collaboration with BBMal, which is looking super good if I do say so myself. Also there's a giant, super-secret project that will be done around the same time since I have lit a fire under my arse to finish it. AND there will probably be a BETTER, CHEAPER way to buy comics soon!!!! FINALLY! I'll be able to sell to you all cheaper, but actually make more profit off each sale. Hallelujah!!!
Here's a quick character sketch I did for Mal's latest prequel to the bigger story we collaborated on. I'M NEVER DEAD! AND I LOVE YOU ALL FOR STICKING THIS OUT WITH ME! Happy end of the world day all! :)


  1. My faith has been rewarded!

  2. Tumblr's pretty open. Good to see the blog's back!!

  3. I was worried too when it said the blog was down for a few days. Glad to have you back!

  4. <3 Knave.

    JT :)

  5. I'm glad you weren't taken in the Rapture! haha

    Even more glad to see you're still around and plugging away. Congrats on staying so busy with real-life work! I love to hear that... especially in a down economy. :)

    And as always, looking forward to seeing your finished projects!

  6. Ever thought about to change the platform from blogging to something like ?

    You could still maintain a blog and your art would get more attention (at least, I think so). You maybe also would get more applauses from the people.

    There are many artists at those places, who do commission or something like this. And there are also artists who do crazier stuff than you, so you don't have to fear haters or something like this (well, if you "fear" them at all).

  7. Thanks a lot guys for your support and suggestions! I'm looking at a few options for new blog hosting. I'll keep you all updated! :)