Sunday, November 20, 2005

Bigger, Disembodied

We aim to please. To all you who've made suggestions, don't worry, I remember.

We've got...

Pointy high heeled shoes
Bendy girls
More comics
Cartoony kneeing
10,000 hit contest (only a few thousand to go)
Story tributes
Haiku winner

...all coming soon. Stay tuned!


  1. Nice! Yes, bigger balls are a plus!

  2. Holy mackerel! My girlfriend thinks you are the greatest thing since sliced bread. She's printed that one off and has lamenated her college journal with it :)

    Don't want to appear greedy, but if you ever find the time in the future to pull off either of these, she'll probably start wallpapering our house with 'em :

    1. Several sets of big genitals poking through holes in the wall, they need to have that 'cinched' look at the base, e.g. swollen (but flaccid), some need to have ejaculated, and all need to be slightly bruised and battered - with evil girl holding a baseball bat in one hand, and rubbing her crotch with the other :) (I'm typing what she's reading allowed).

    and 2. (This isn't busting per se, but is her personal fave fantasy) - a girl is sitting at a sewing machine, with a set of bound balls sticking up through the table, with pins sticking out of them (as in a 'pin cushion').

    Anyway, hope this fuels your amazingly creative mind - so if you ever get a chance in the future, she'll be most greatful! lol


  3. Hi. Wow! You're truly amazing. I love every single pic you've made! And the update rate is incredible! I really the "wallpaper" suggestion from 2 comments above! It would be great to see many bruised balls sticking from holes with evil girl rubbing her crotch and holding a baseball bat!! I would love to see that one!

  4. I like this drawing style. And of cause, the short-black hair again ;)

  5. of all the styles you draw in this is my favorite! good job on the hips btw

  6. I love small foot on huge balls. Very sexy. thanks