Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Quick Tribute

The Tokyo Ballbuster pic is taking longer than expected. I just keep adding more, so it'll be along eventually. In the mean time I did a quick tribute to one of the most famous BB pics of all time.
Who is this mystery girl?

Doesn't matter. I threw together a yet more cartoony version of her and her beau.

Right. Keep checking back for updates.


  1. JODIE!!!!

    What do I win? Hopefully it's MORE PICTURES!!! You rule.

  2. Win? Um...Yeah Sure! You win an autographed cartoon of anything you want!
    That'll do.

  3. Hey em, do you think you could make a pic like this http://www.freewebs.com/violentj420music/24.jpg , but with the girl possibly kicking instead. just a suggestion for you, good pictures, keep them coming!


  4. nice idea to make an "update"

  5. i was just wondering where i could finde the pictures out of jodie and knave series?

  6. hehe, i have a copy of the original picture that was based off of. not sure where i found it... probably a yahoo group a few years back