Saturday, November 19, 2005


Thanks for the hits everyone! This is...really belated at this point.
I interpreted the pic you sent Knackers, figured you wanted to see a chick holding a guy as he was kicked, right? Anyway...I added socks...because I'm an addict. So sue me. :)
Wierd, I just realized the guy ended up looking like a buddy of mine...hmmm. And his head is huge! Yikes!
I didn't notice that until now. yeesh, that's unprofressional.


  1. Wow thanks, yea im glad you took cloths off and gave them socks, it makes it look better, keep the good pics comin!, u should have more contest and see what some other people want, maybe one for like 10000 hits?

  2. this is awesome. thats me, or rather, i was the guy in the photo that this cartoon was based on.

    i love it. keep up the great work.

    did you see your calimg drawing on the girls shirts at the tamakeri party?

  3. were u really the guy in the actulal photo, cuz dang your lucky if those 2 buested you