Monday, November 7, 2005

Knee Job II

Yeah, so I'll take all your clothing comments into consideration...after I post this pic :)
It's a bit more violent than my usual, but I had to use the red, it just popped so well against all that blue. The artist in me made it violent, so all blame is his.
So who likes the really cartoony stuff like the adventures of Jodie and Knave, and who likes the more "realistic" stuff like this'un? Chime in, I'm curious!


  1. Wow, just some hours and there is the next picture ;)

    Its more violent, but thats not bad.

    You could make pictures to some ballbustings stories, like you did to Caligulas story.

  2. Good stuff as usual, but since you did ask, I like the cartoony stuff better over the realistic stuff.
    You can find realistic stuff just about everywhere it seems, but your innovative, bright and cartoony pictures really stand out and seem like "wow... this is different then everywhere else, and its really great!"

    Just my opinion though, realistic or cartoony your work just rocks.

  3. Hm, I prefer realistic pictures like these or the last ones, but the adventure of Jodie and Knave is a bit too cartoony for me ;)

    But I don't think that you can find such stuff just about everywhere. In my opinion its very hard to find any ballbusting toons, hentai or things like that. So I'm happy about every picture I can find ;)

  4. Right, so it's a 50/50 split. That's fine by me, I like drawing in every style.
    Keep abreast of the new happenings here, I owe you guys a "thanks for the 1000 hits" cartoon.

  5. I like all your jobs, but i prefer the cartoony stuff!!

  6. Both...mixing is good.

    Blood makes me squirm though....

  7. No no, dont get me wrong... I didnt mean that you could realistic BB toons anywhere... I just meant realistic BB in general. (pics and videos and stuff) Since he's working with just pen, paper and imagination, it seems a shame to be grounded to reality. Thats all.

    My vote's still for cartoony, but anything he draws is great.

    (Oh and I agree with the last comment too... blood with BB kinda makes me squirm too, lol)

  8. I like your drawings very much, what about another episode of the Jodie & Knave story? ;) Maybe where her finds him in the shower or in the bath.... ;)

  9. What i like most are the faces of the Girls in the realistic pics (hm, not sure about the grammar hehe)

    The Girls have Charakter. I specially like short brown or red hair ;)

  10. This is great! I love this. I read in an ealier post, that you did some drawings to Caligulas'stories. Man that would be hot.

  11. Hello Knave,

    The pictures are very good. I especially like this one for its timing, colouring and its realism.


  12. Thanks for the compliments aggie!
    I was pretty happy with the colors.

  13. very nice ... it's a bit different from your usal style ... let's say more gore.