Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Rerun II

The inks for Jodie and Knave issue 2 are done. I'll color it tomorrow if I have the time. Here's rerun numero dos.


  1. Rerun number 2? I dont remember this one at all. Really good stuff. Is this an homage to that video where the woman aiming for a stick sticking out of her sensi's mouth winds up kicking him in the balls?

    Either way, really great pic, as always.

  2. i love this pic, you should have the boards go all the way back but instead of a wall its the rising sun of japan coming over the "horizon" of the boards.

  3. My only inhibition with that is the inherent business of the rising sun flag. I wouldn't want to detract too much from the foreground characters, though I could push it back with some clever fading etc.
    thanks for the crit legend!