Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sick Again

What happens when I get sick? That's right, I get horny and I get all SORTS of weird dreams!
I also get time to doodle and work on projects I normally wouldn't. I threw this one together after a particularly ODD fever dream. Part of the dream was great, it was heavily BB oriented and colorful. The second half SUCKED and needs not be discussed here. Anyway, I'm off to bed again. Stay well everyone!


  1. Much with the fingering these days, sir. Any reason?

    I really like the style on this one. I'm really not happy that you're sick, but selfishly gleeful that I have your art to make me feel better in my own sickness.

    Get better, damn it. That's an order.

    -Ms. Barnacle

  2. I really like the cutesy look of this cartoon. It may not be as sexy as some others but it is fun.

  3. I think the fingering comes from the desire/ fantasy that the girl is literally "getting off" on the act of busting. It's a common theme in the community, and altogether too bad that I don't think a woman exists that could achieve orgasm from busting a guy...maybe it's for the best :)
    I will get better, you too!
    And anonymous, thanks! I like the style too!

  4. I don't think a woman exists that could achieve orgasm from busting a guy...

    The actual act? Remains to be seen. But a girl can at the very least get off from your artwork, em. I'm a girl and I speak from experience. Please keep sharing your great art and people all over will continue to get off to it.

  5. Your comment really made me smile. Thanks a ton anonymous :)

  6. Good. At the risk of sounding creepy, I love few things more than making you smile.

  7. What a lovely sentiment :)

  8. Great job with this piece of artwork! It reminds me of when I was kicked by a girl when I was in either first or second grade. Pretty messed up, huh.