Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Full Weight Ball Standing

Why does this excite and fascinate me so much? I've had girls stand on my balls before, even "full weight" but there was always something else helping to bear the load, be it my thighs, or stomach or erection. I've always wanted a girl to stand completely on my balls alone, but I'm WAY too afraid to try. Damn it feels good though!
More news and updates on the site coming soon friends. I'm bogged down with all sorts of work right now, but when it's done, the new site is priority one.


  1. About damn time, sir. About damn time. Glad I stayed home today.

    ~Your favorite... Cherokee. ;)

  2. I'm glad I stayed home too! Too much work to get done!
    Oh, and let's not toss that word around unless me "mean" it, okay my dear? ;)

  3. You should know by now that I mean every word that I say or, in this case, write.

  4. Ooh, forgive me! Then just let me say; "Yay, and good on ya!" :)
    (Great, now I'm going to be classically conditioned to get a chubby whenever I hear the song "Cherokee people" dammit)

  5. lmao. good conv.
    em u are an excellent artist.

  6. Awesome, great job.

    Love the face on the girl, great boobs too. =)

  7. Love the face on the girl, so cute. Also, love the face and body of the guy, so handsome and strong! His nuts seem very large and solid, a true sign of male power! However, it needs to be controlled by a woman, and judging by his expression and sweat,his heavy nuts are about to give in, under female power! The guys large testicles are about to experience total ownage, by the foot of a female.

  8. Wow I can hear you on wanting to try it but being way too afraid. Cuz what if they really both popped.....then what we do for fun.


  9. I love this one. One of your top 10, maybe top 5.