Saturday, May 24, 2008

A-cup...maybe a B-cup

So I think I got a request for a small waisted, small breasted girl kicking balls. I think.
What I actually got was a request for a "winx" girl, but upon further research they appear to be a group of proprietary and distinctly underage cartoon girls. Well, I don't want to disappoint, so here's a thin and small-chested college sorority girl. Let's pretend she's a fan of Winx, and that she's torturing her boyfriend or brother for teasing her about it. :)
Enjoy! I'm finishing up Jon Offen's next cover, so stay tuned for updates.


  1. ...maybe a C-cup? I think you and I must share a similar thinking on what size small breasts are ;)

    Love this girl's body - very cute. Did it take you long to draw the skirt? It looks fantastic. I've been trying to draw a short skirt lifting during a kick recently and mine is just laughable in comparison.

    Great Work!

  2. Dearest Knave,

    Another triumph, sir. I do have a request of my own, though. It's non-proprietary and it would bring me much pleasure: George Lucas getting his junk wailed on. ;) Just sayin'.

    Love you!

  3. I guess you're right Jon, I think I make all my breasts too big. C'est la vie :)
    Skirts are always a special task, I always have to figure out exactly how the fabric is moving and try to remember they're not just 2 dimensional planes...which I suck at sometimes.
    XD, thanks for the story! I like it so far, I'd love to read more!
    Nora my dear...I'll see what I can do :)

  4. I wouldn't say you make them too big...
    Once again good work!

  5. Goodwork, I like your stuff, keep it up !

    one request would be a comic where a guy is going to grab a womans bare boobs and is being kicked from behiend by another woman, sort of like he was caught cheating on her.

  6. Definitely her brother (she'd just castrate a boyfriend)and he's learning the painful way that however silly little sis may seem she still rules and he'd better not forget it!