Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well it's been a rough ride here in the frozen tundra, but it's finally over. 2007 sucked at times and rocked at others. Let's promise one another to do it real big in 2008, okay? Here's some fan service. You asked for panty-hose, you got'em! You asked for hardcore testicular trauma, you got it! You asked for "ball juice" for lack of a better term...you got it! I apologize to the squeamish.
More stuff is on the way, stay tuned true believers!

EDIT: I had to fix a detail about the 'toon that was driving me crazy. It's better now :)


  1. Poor little nut. It takes a good woman to set a man's balls free.

  2. Way to start off the New Year with a bang! I started visiting this site about halfway through the year, and I am looking forward to my first full year at BBToons.

  3. Wonderfully drawn, one of the best yet.

  4. Excellent style and image man! The forced ejaculation is sweet - as are the girl's boobs. Not a big fan of the squeamish stuff - but no worries!

    Sorry to hear about the thieving - I look forward to your animations!! Just show me where - and I'll go grab my cash!

  5. OMG! one of the best ever!! up there with FRESH Squeezed, and The Nutcracker Suite!! More More comics like this we will pay!!

  6. oh my oh my!
    as in not telling where they were from?
    awww, a shame, maybe the pictures still had your name on, so it didnt count?
    either way, this is a good way to start out the new year, clean slate and what not!
    i'll have you know, ill check this blog an extra two times to see your work:P
    good luck getting the word out there knave!
    p.s- most REGUALR animes from japan have a bb fest every little while, so you might tap into mainstream buyers of anime thinking yours is one of them:P
    good luck!

  7. more like this please. u said a while back that the next comic would be in the selfdefense style but with rupture action like this. when do you think you will be done?