Saturday, December 1, 2007

Testicle Squishing

I got a very nice gift from Muna2006 for my birthday along with a request. Well Muna, I can say I enjoyed the video a great deal so here's your cartoon. I hope she's slim and stacked enough for you! ;)
Anyone else that wants to send me home videos, feel free!


p.s. I added the cum-shot and socks, because I can. :)


  1. Looking good, but for some reason when I click it, it wants to download the picture. I can't see a high-res version by clicking it. =(

  2. Yeah, I don't know why that is...Hmmm. Weird. Let me test a few things.
    Thanks for the heads up!


    UPDATE: Fixed it! :)

  3. i love all the kicking cartoons,especially with cum!good job on those,would you be able to make some more kicking?im more of a barefoot person but since you like socks i wouldnt mind more of those.keep up the good work!

  4. Ball sitting...

    That is pretty much the apex of my ballbusting fetish. Awesome pic, please include some more ball sitting every once and a while.

    Have to ask, did the private video sent to you contain any ball siting?

    Anyway, happy late birthday and keep up the great work.

  5. excellent as always my gf likes these and you see all your pictures on myspace you should do another jodie and knave i love it when like in those his nuts are like pudding across the floor more juicy nut splatting please

  6. >>"Your art sucks!"

    Thanks for the critique!

    Everyone else, thanks as well. I'll keep in mind all the suggestions.

    Darin, nope sorry, there was no ball sitting in the video ;)

  7. i agree i love your art and i love to see when you have guys nutmush running off the girls feet! hopefully like the self defense art style fully clothed :)

    ps when is the new castration comic comming?

  8. You have to do another grabbing one... one where the girl just grabs hold and looks right into the guys eyes. He should be terrified.

  9. I agree I think you should do another toon with the guys getting castrated like in the nutcracker, or fresh squeezed! i love the graphic ones where ball juice flys!! i even ask girls on myspace what they think one said on the nutcracker it was here fav!

  10. it still just shows the jpg image... no video?

  11. This one is truly excellent knave I love the ballsitting angle. Reminds me of some good times :)

  12. i really like this oneee. Nice curves on the lady and i like her expression. Also, i'll take the play of jessica on this one, those are some big hot ballzz.