Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Right, here's a quicky for y'all to celebrate the season. I've read all your requests, keep tuned for more 'toons!

EDIT: WOW! I just checked my history, I've posted over 100 cartoons on this blog. I should do something to celebrate. Any ideas?


  1. w00t*!

    way to go!
    hmm, usually when you hit a landmark, you'd have a contest:P
    reward being a customized comic:)
    that'd be a good way to celebrate!
    or you could do, er, another comic?
    perhaps with an asian girl or two?

    anyway, your site is one of the first things i go to when i log in,
    and your doing a good job!!

    have a nice day!!

  2. anonymous agreementDecember 14, 2007 at 5:46 PM

    i tend to judge the quality of your work on how much i would like to be busted by the women you draw. i think i would beg this one.

    both figures are beautifully rendered, and i can't say i don't thoroughly enjoy the breasts.

    thanks for the xmas wishes, and double thanks for the xmas present.

    also wanted to second anon's contest idea.

  3. What about getting a hot girl to kick you in the testicles to celebrate?

  4. What about starting your own voice-acted toons site for the holidays?

    Selfish, I know....but you have me so anxious for it.

  5. Breaking the Christmas bells!

  6. Great work as always, I too am waiting for your next project to be completed. If you are looking for ideas, how about something similar to what you have already done. Ive always liked this one..

  7. The expression on this girls face is AWESOME!!

    Seems to me she's just closing her eyes, biting her smiling lips, and enjoying the feeling of her knee crushing this guys balls.

  8. How about a photo of a girl lining up and kicking 100 guys. Line em up and knock em down. LOL

  9. great work:) but where is the soft tasteful gore i want to see nutmush flying and hear nuts crunching!

  10. What could make a beautiful girl happier than kneeing a pair of decent sized holiday nuts? It's better to give than to recieve.