Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Needed a Break

Man, I needed some time to myself, so I drew this. Things have been crazy busy...as usual.
I don't know what's up with this girl's hair and dress. I guess I regressed to the eighties for a sec there. {shrug} Enjoy!


  1. The fingernails are a great touch. background is great too.

    /If I would suggest anything, it would be that she was looking at one of them in the eyes. Nice work.

  2. I thought she was.
    Too bad it doesn't read that way.
    I guess I chose a pretty strange angle to attack her head from. Loss of eye line match was the risk I ran.

    Thanks for the crit! :)

  3. Nah man, her eyes are looking up at the tall dude. It's her lips and mouth I love,looks like she's sayin "Oooohhh, I bet those balls hurt real bad. Nice boobs too. Looks like the little lady has things well in hand, and nails really suck when they did into you ball-meat. I prefer the pressure and fear of them popping. -OuchYes

  4. Its a great pic as always.. but I have to wonder, why is David Duchoveny getting his balls squeezed?

  5. anonymous agreementJanuary 25, 2006 at 5:09 AM

    hehehehe. "I was all of history's greatest acting robots... Acting unit number 17... Thespomat... David Duchovny"

    Superb pic, em. This stuff just keeps getting better.

  6. Great! I have to say, this is probably your best one yet, I love your use of color and shadow. The nuts are nice and meaty too, definitely a plus. I love it.

  7. I am just wondering what school dorm Jessica is staying in. :-) I find that very attractive that college girls are frequenting your site, knave. Wish my school had some girls like that.

  8. great pic as usual, it would make a nice wallpaper actually.

    ever think of doing wallpapers?

  9. superb drawing, EM. I really like her hair, how it stands out from the background colors. When I see this pic, I imagine that she is trying to determine which guy is gonna cave in first, fall down, give in to the pressure.

  10. Heh, it's sexy, I'm not a Masochist either, I've had girls stand on my balls and I can honestly say it doesn't hurt. It feels good to me.

  11. Nice work.......all the girls (and one gay guy) at my office are appreciative!

    (we stumbled upon your site by accident.....but most of us find it humorous/cool)

    \Office girls (and guys.....)

  12. i bet tall one falls first