Monday, January 16, 2006


Man, I need more money. To answer some of the previous comment questions, yes I did choose to freelance. I'm wondering why right now. Kidding, it's great. I knew I would never be rich, but hey, it's what I love to do.
Here's a sequential one for you guys. I'm having fun drawing really thick soft clothes lately. Probably because it's winter and I'm FREEZING all the time!
Hey, let's take a quick survey!
How many ladies visit the ol' toon blog, or see the pics?
Fellas, this means your girl friends too. I want to know the size of my female audience.
I'm really curious!

Chime in if you're a woman or you know of a woman who enjoys my toons. Sate my curiosity!


  1. Oh no, that's his left...

    Love it though. Your drawings are always awesome.

  2. Um...She's dyslexic.
    Glad you like it! Fast comment!

  3. you have some serious problems, man.

  4. Hey,

    I just found your site. Love it. I saw that some of the toons are depictions of stories. I have some stories. Just thought I'd ask before randomly posting them here. Interested?

  5. Oh my god! I got my first "non-bb" related post! AWESOME!
    Hey Anonymous (the one with the stories)
    check out the link on the right of the page: "BB Board" it's a great place to post stories, ideas, and just chat with like-minded folks!
    Glad you like the toons.

  6. Great picture again ;)

    A girlfriend of mine was on this site and she thought it is funnny ;)
    And I think there are 1 or 2 Girls from a german BB-board, where I posted your site.

  7. Oh, and whats with your comic Idea ? I think there are many people who your pay for a bb-comic. has a picture gallery with diverent Artists too. Maybe they would buy your work, too.

    There should be many sites who your take your work I think. Knave is very famous

  8. Thanks, em.... I'll look over there and start posting!

  9. you all have seriously problems, why not go read. Out of the billions of things you could be doing, you've picked the one most destructive thing for humanity. Good job..... the future's bright. lol

  10. shaddup mister anonymous. If you don't like the content, don't look dumbass.

  11. Yeah, like WhiteRaven said, or I could crack your nuts for you(if you have any to crack, that is.)

  12. funny,

    I'm wondering if there is a cum shot when they break .. I will guess there would be blood instead!

  13. I love the ball standing (balls between a foot and hard surface)and crushing. Excellent work, please keep it up.

  14. Looks like fun. will you do it to me LOL