Sunday, January 8, 2006

It's Chilly Again

I saw some jaw-dropping sweater meat today, so I had to draw some.
30,000 hits already? Okay then...
Same rules as always.

"An old man was walking down the road one day, towards town.
He tapped his cane happily as he enjoyed the sunshine.
On the way he came upon a beautiful woman.
He asked her where she was going and she replied;
To my fiancée's house. We're to be wed today!
The man smiled and said he had assumed as much.
He continued walking and came upon a merchant selling
fruits and vegetables. The man asked why the merchant
had no onions today.
Because they are not in season. Replied the merchant.
The old man continued on, smiling to himself.
Soon he came upon a beggar sleeping in the middle of the road.
Why did the farmer kick you out of his barn? Asked the old man.
Because I ate all his pig's slop. Replied the well-fed beggar.
The old man chuckled to himself, and said he had assumed as much.
Just outside of town the old man came upon a great hole in the
ground dug by rambunctious groundhogs. He caught his ankle and tripped
in, landing at the bottom. Well, this will delay me! He laughed at himself.
Why did he fall in?"

First person to answer etc. etc.


  1. he was blind. posted by newdom 5. If I win, pls draw me a pic kneeing and girls laughing.

  2. Nice pic. as for why the man fell down, i'm going to have to say he didn't assumed he would. Probably weak but i never get the answer anyway

  3. I was beaten, but I would assume the answer is he was blind: The cane, the scent of flowers from the boquet, the scent of no onions, the scent of hog slop... he could smell all that, but not SEE the hole he fell into.

  4. Well done Newdom. I gotta start making these things harder.
    The pic is on its way! :)

  5. I was going to guess that, but it doesn't quite make sense. How would he be able to smell that the guy had eaten all of the slop? If he ate it all, there's none left to small. Also, onions if they aren't cut or cooked don't smell like anything. It's not until after you cut them that you can smell them unless your nose is right up to them, and I wouldn't think that he would run his nose over the whole produce stand.

    Plus, you said he had a cane and was tapping it. It might not have seen the hole, but surely he would have noticed that the cane didn't tap on anything solid.

  6. I was going to say that he fell because he caught his ankle in the hole... dang... I was beaten anyway...

  7. Nice work! By the way, what happened to the pictures? Keep 'em comin'!

    Thanks for the work.....

  8. I also liked the pics of your gf......why not more of those?

  9. Anonymous AgreementJanuary 12, 2006 at 10:40 PM

    "How would he be able to smell that the guy had eaten all of the slop?"
    I'm sure you'd have no trouble telling if some guy had eaten all of the garlic without seeing him or the garlic.

    I really like this one even though I'm personally less of a fan of the disembodied penis. Maybe it's the hand between the legs. It'd be better if it was down her pants.