Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More Options!

Hey all! Thanks a ton for chiming in already with your ideas and votes! I should probably get an official voting thing ready for when all the options are available. Any suggestions?
Anyway, here are some more options. I'll try to credit the original author of the suggestion or story where I can.
Ball Squeezing Date! (by TJR)

Then when he was allowed to sit on the couch besides her again, she allowed him to kiss her. Intoxicated by her perfume and the taste of her full lips, he tentatively felt her left breast, even as she sighed, and moved her hand to his lap, and there, he groaned with pleasure as she squeezed his throbbing erection pushing through the thin pants material.

He was throbbing and panting now, feeling he was going to get laid for sure with this beautiful young woman, when she abruptly put a finger on his lips, pushing him back.

"Wait," she said, her breasts heaving, "I'm not comfortable now, Billy, with you yet. I prefer to have my males in safe harness before I allow them any further."

"Um, (gasp), ah, oh, um, sure Laura, anything..." He took a chance and used her name, and she didn't correct him.

"Good," she smiled, "then you don't mind then?"

"Um, no, whatever you feel better with, really."

"Fine," she said, "why don't you strip then? While I get some heavy twine." He was shocked, but felt it was such an opportunity he couldn't mess the momentum up now, so he swallowed and nodded, but felt good unzipping his pants, allowing his full balls and leaking hardon to sway freely, but felt a little awkward sitting on her couch naked.

But when she returned she wore a tiny short robe, showing her wondrous cleavage, and his smile faded as she sat beside him, her warm him touching his, as she held up a length of heavy twine.

"Turn around please," she said with authority, as he did so, allowing his wrists to be tied. When he was restrained, he realized he couldn't bust out if he wanted to, and since he was sure she was stronger than he was, he was at her mercy, again, making him a little trembly, even though she practically displayed her big
breasts to his face. She sat besides him on the couch then, feeling more in charge, and smiled at his helpless nudity.

"I used to tie up my older brother like this, before our little games. Just like you, he'd do anything just for me to show my body."

"Um, haha," he laughed weakly.

"And sometimes," she said brightly, "I'd teach him a good lesson. I haven't done that for so long now. I'd use my hands,"
you see," she said, displaying her long strong fingers with long sharp fingernails. "I did all the discipline with my hands back then. Even if I had a whip or a riding crop, the governess would see the welts, you see, so we had to stop that. But I can make a boy sing with just my hands, you'll see." Billy swallowed, as she enjoyed his look.

"Of course, I'll give you the option. If you don't want to, that's all right. But I love doing this, and it gets me so excited. If the boy lets me do it enough to him, I feel so good, and he is allowed to please me afterwards, you know," she smiled, "orally." Billy had suspicions that she still practiced this scene a lot. But his eyes caught her
hand moving to the drawstring of her robe, keeping it together.

With that, she unfastened the little ribbon holding her front together, and Billy's eyes almost popped out, seeing her top heavy but firm swaying beauties, smooth ivory white with big brown nipples. He could also see the v of her bush, as she spread her ripe strong thighs.

Seeing he was staring and licking his lips, she moved closer, and he bent his head, and licked her nipples, making her sigh. The warm satiny skin and fragrance was intoxicating. Then she moved back, and reached down and cupped his swollen testicles.

"You certainly can't try anything now, buster," she smiled. "This is really being held by the balls, isn't it. I can make a man do anything I want when I have him in this position. I can just squeeze, like THIS!"

She squeezed, and he writhed and twisted, sweat popping out on his brow, "or I can use my fingers and my nails and just pinch and prick."

Still with his hardon trapped, he watched her smooth strong hand move up his shaft, gently squeezing, as she watched his face with smug amusement. Her gentle squeezes and caresses made him even stiffer. Then she aimed her sharp fingernails at his skin, and pressed,
"AAauughhhhh!!!" She sighed, feeling his male essence trapped in her hand this way.

"Ooooh, such a big sissy. I'm just starting too, but, mmmm, we need to get a nice big hardon first, don't we? I love making a boy get so hard, so nice and big, oooh yess."

Billy panted as she made out more with him, and then he screamed as she used her fingers slowly on his inflated balls, adding more and more pressure, as she watched his face. It went on for a long time, past his screaming and then his crying, and finally his begging. Her breasts and nipples had his kisses and saliva on them, her pussy was drenched, and some drops of blood were on his knob, his shaft and his balls, and still he had a hardon somehow. Laura chuckled softly.

"Actually it's nice to be exciting a male when he can't do anything about it. I do sometimes like to wear a skimpy bikini by a pool and tease the men until they try to hide their hardons. But I always want to do so much more then, like this, right on his knob with my thumb and index finger," Billy writhed and screamed then, until she sighed with pleasure.


I got that story a loooong time ago. Sorry it took me this long to address it TJ :)

Why, oh Why? (by MickeyBB)

I came home from school one day to find my sister doing aerobics in front of the t.v. in the family room. There was a baseball game on and I wanted to watch it, but Sara said I would have to wait but if I helped her she would let me change channels as soon as she did a couple of more sets.

I said "Okay what do you want me to do?"

She smiled a sneaky but sexy smile that left me wondering what she wanted me for. "Just stand here for a minute, and I'll be sure to get my workout done faster with your help." I agreed and stood behind her as she stretched right then left her shiny pink leotard had just a little sweat stain right in between her butt cheeks. As I started feeling guilty for checkig out my own sister the instructer on t.v. said "... now 5 back kicks" I realized a split second before my sisters sweaty but pretty size 8 foot in her little pink frilly socks came blasting toward my balls what I was helping her do.

The impact of the heel of her right foot on my balls knocked me back against the wall. I then realized I had no chance to get away pinned against the wall like that. Sara just giggled and said "we'll watch the ball game after the BALLS-GAME!!" Then she proceeded to follow the t.v. chicks instruction and kicked my balls again. "....2 and 3 and 4 and 5 ...." the pain was excruciating but it was over....." Now let's do the left leg..."

I just cried as I knew 5 more were coming. They didn't hurt as bad since Sara was right handed or footed for that matter, but they weren't exactly pleasant either and the accumulated damage had me wondering if I would be able to function as a man. The fifth kick with her left foot she left her toes on my balls and I don't know how to describe it but she flexed her toes like she was making a fist with her toes and my left nut was in her fist. I just moaned in pain, she finally removed her foot and I fell to the floor. Laying on my back looking up to see Sara's smile through my teary eyes, I feared she wasn't done, then the bitch on t.v. said "Stand in front of your stepper, if you don't have the official solid one we sell you can improvise on almost anything, now step up pause stretch like you are reaching for the sky then step down." She followed the instructions perfectly improvising on my very tender balls and standing tippy toe while reaching for the sky. Sara paused the tape and said she couldn't concentrate with my screaming and retching.

Thank God I thought it is over,then I felt something being pushed between my lips and I looked up to see Sara's sexy bare feet as she pushed them on my mouth to make sure the frilly socks she just stuck in there stayed in.

"Now where was I?" Then she hit play and went back to using my balls as a stepper. After 10 of those she sat down on the couch and put her feet on my face, I could feel the warmth of her footprint on my cheek.

"What did you want to watch again?" she asked.

"The ballgame please." I replied after she reclaimed her sweaty socks.

"One ball-game coming up!" You can probably guess what she did then; stomped my balls again but she did change it to my channel.

"Why did you do that Sara? Why, oh why?"

"Well I was bored and since the game got rained out anyway I thought maybe you'd want to play with me. I do this exercise routine everyday so if you want to watch t.v. between 3:00 and 4:00 this is what we do. I can do the back-kicks without resistance but I do need a stepper everyday so see you tommorrow, okay???"


OKAY! So those are two more options. Like I said, I've gotten a ton of idea and stories from you guys, so there are more to come. Tune in soon, and thanks again for your help in this democratic process guys!!! :D


  1. These two are my favorites but the first story by TJR is excellent if she'd pop his balls in her hands or mouth to finish him off:



    Amazing picture by the way. This is my favorite of yours and I've been here for a couple years. You keep finding a way to get better at this! Can't wait to buy the new work.

  2. The first story was 'all right' at best...Nothing too great.
    The second on the other hand was incredable :) It had everything I like to see in BB tale...That one for sure.

  3. Wow! Nice. :)

    So many options to choose from.... new stories, old stories, old series, different components to choose from in all categories! My head is spinning.

    I freaking love the "stepper" improv in he second story. Love it. And I love the hips on the chick in the picture.

    I tend to lean to the side of semi-indestructible balls... that way the woman can do just about anything without permanent destruction. Extends the experience. :)

    But whatever it is you chose, I'm sure it will be golden. I agree with "Anonymous" that you just keep getting better and better! I'm on the edge of my seat!!

  4. uhm.... here = her (I blame beers)

  5. Every time I check back here and see that chick in the latest art donation I like here more! You are the fucking man, Knave!

  6. I have to agree with greywolf: mostly-indestructible balls provide the most entertainment.

    These stories each have their charms (and the picture is delightful), but I have to say that I'd still rather see Millionaire's Daughter 3 or a new (longer?) Amy & Iain.

    Thanks again for sharing, Knave!


  7. The picture that accompanies the first one gave me an instant reaction. That first story was breathtaking - I'm heaving! It's that one or MD3 for me. It was worth waiting this long just for that picture.

  8. I love the picture and the girl - great shape and tits, but I'm not keen on either story. I suppose the first had nudity so if i had to choose it would be that one.

  9. I would love another chapter of Millionaires Daughter as well, but would also find it great to see a Knave version of one of my stories too. Perhaps i am biased. Anyway keep up the good work. It's an honor you think my little story worthy of consideration.

  10. Good stories, but Millionaire's Daughter 3 remains my top choice. Excited to see/buy whatever you make!

  11. Too late to make suggestions? How about something with a swim team where the girls basically torture the guys. No permanent damage, just some playful humiliation and pain :)

  12. Wow, both stories were great, but the awesome drawing for the first story left me wanting see more. Extremely hot. Thanks!