Monday, December 13, 2010


I've been meaning to do this for awhile but a recent discovery finally lit the fire beneath me that I needed. A new Image Set is available at the comic store today. It's a collection of every single ball-busting cartoon I've ever drawn, except the other comics available in the store.
HOWEVER! While I was sifting through all my various hard-drives and discs, I found a NEW COMIC that I thought I had lost YEARS AGO! It was a precursor to Amy and Iain, back when the characters were brother and sister in my head. They look nothing like today's Amy and Iain, but I'm just happy I found them! I thought I'd lost them in a hard-drive crash forever ago. Apparently I saved enough of the file that all it took was some tweaks here and there and voila! NEW COMIC! It's called New Socks Yes, it's included, along with never before seen sketches, animations and cartoons in the GIANT BB CARTOON COLLECTION (2004-2010).
It can be seen here, as always:

Alright guys, I keep getting ideas from folks but for this next comic, I'm going to limit it to options from before I made that post, okay? So, I'll be updating soon with more options from you talented writer-types. Also, progress on the new comic is going well. The holidays are getting in my way, but I love Xmas, so it's okay.
Cheers my friends!!!!


  1. This is fantastic! Thanks EM. Just in time for the holidays! I'm going to get my copy right now!

  2. YES! Thanks Santa!.... I mean, Knave! :)

  3. I just bought and looked through the awesome expansive collection. Even though I have seen most before, it is great. I loved the Amy & Iain precurser. Have a great holiday Knave, and keep up the good work.

  4. Nice to be able to buy some unseen stuff. Still really looking forward to your new comic! Here's hoping for MD3.

  5. hey knave it's the awesome this is james harrison your biggest fan hit me up at thanks for actually giving a shit about your fans and not letting images 4 sale screw them.