Monday, March 9, 2009

Knave is Not Defeated

Okay, I got too many requests for this to not happen. For everyone in the U.S, you can use This Site to continue to buy comics. For international orders, I've made them available on Images4Sale. NOTE: This wasn't my decision, and I'm also still looking for an alternative credit card option. If you just can't wait, then they're up at I4S. No worries true believers! We'll get there!


  1. About time I can give you my money ! now if you excuse me, i got some wank...reading to do !

  2. Any chance you could put up a one page sample of each comic?

  3. 2 words: Cotton Mistress!

    Sorry things didn't exactly work out the way you planned at first, and I know You'll find another way of getting what you need. At least, for now, there is a release for us that we have been craving for so long.

    Please continue with the good work and I hope the money flows in like wine.

  4. Works are great, details, colors and everything. Much improvment.
    But i have a question, why ballet coudln't end with stomping his balls out of his insides. It woudl be great and adding some more non ballsbusting pain would be nice;>

    And in new one can U use a kicckboxer character, or woman is sport shoe? :]

    And again adding some non ball violence would be nice;p little damag to internal organs, breaking something etc :]

    And some great split kick final would be vey nice :]

    keep up the good work

  5. cotton mistress indeed!

    this summer im going on a bb buying spree, FIRST UP IS EVERYTHING ON IMAGES4SALE.

    also, nice going on supporting the internationals, even canada cant order:(

    same with "tentacle grape" soda!

  6. I now have all your new comics using Images4sale. Great work. Pity it didn't work exactly as you planned, but at least your new work is available to us. Keep drawing pls :)

  7. You should kill yourself