Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Big Bad Wolf!

Hey all, I'd like to give a warm, heart-felt "Thank You" to everyone that's purchased the comics thus far, either by mail or on I4S. I say it every time, but please e-mail me your opinions. I like to know that you fellas feel like you're getting your money's worth.
The title of this post is to commemorate the first check I got in the mail. Greywolf19, whom I believe has been visiting this blog for awhile now, was the first to mail his payment to the PO box. As a miniature reward I asked him what kind of 'toon he'd like to see. He said he'd like to see a girl helping her boyfriend into crazy tight jeans. Well my friend, this is what came out of my head with regards to that :)
Thanks again champions, you're all heroes to me!

luv, Knave(EM)

p.s Ha! We've finally been flagged eh? Well, I guess it was only a matter of time, we are adult oriented around here after all ;)


  1. wicked hot!! you're the man, Knave. super hot comics to purchase, and super hot free comics on the blog... keep 'em coming!

  2. Since you look for scenarios, why not try some of these :

    - the path of a teenage girl (let's say she's 18 at the beginning, you're in enough troubles already) following the development of her sexual attraction to ballbusting, linked to the fact that boys mock her flat chest, and of course she discovers that kicking nuts provides her body the right amount of sex hormons to grow a huge rack.

    - A divorce trial in a feminist distopia where a husband ends up with a empty sack to the sadistic benefit of her wife.

    - The girl rock band "Balls Off" and it's quest to eliminate other male bands at a contest concert (of course each Balls Off member have a ballbust special attack)

    - Missy the clumsy secretary, a naïve yet sexy girl, responsable of the castration of most of her team workers, by the use of random desk furnitures, such as staplers, suitcases, pencils, paper shredders, ect. a lot of Whoops and short eyesight might help.

    What do you think ?

  3. Ha! Brilliant minds think alike Zapan!
    I've written up an idea about a girl whose breasts grow the more she busts, but I like your scientific explanation for it! Brilliant!
    I also love the rock band idea, that's awesome!
    Dude, I'm using these. You're awesome Zapan! Thanks for your thoughts!

  4. At your service man !
    If you want me to work (for free of course) on the script of these cartoons, I would be glad to help.

    just send me a mail and I'm on it.

  5. I'd love to see the further adventures of this couple. Maybe the girl could get her friends' or sister's opinion on the jeans. Hell, I'd enjoy just seeing him try to sit down!

  6. Ha! Jon, if he tried to sit down I think either the jeans or his equipment would give out. I agree though, there's something intriguing about this couple. :)
    Thanks for the comments guys!

  7. Well, if they don't give out, she totally has to jump on his lap. Perhaps it's time for an impromptu ballbusting lapdance...

  8. WOW I definitively adore this one, the drawing is cool , In fact I thought it was a teenage & his mother caus the girl looks older... This idea was kinda funny too, well hope for the next adventures of this story!

  9. This cartoon is awesome! What it makes me think of is a mom and son in the mall trying on pants for school while she's asking him "How do they fit in the crotch?" Hmm...might be a story in there I want to write! :)


  10. The more I see this comic, the more I love it. That final frame of the pair in tight jeans: her fantastic camel-toe is positively tasteful in comparison to his obscene bulges!

  11. I will never forget this comic and i will never forgive you from making this comic

  12. This comic is absolutely amazing, i would love to see more of this couple especially the way the girl stares at his package in the fifth frame so so hot

  13. So good Knave. The look on her face just before she yanks them up....Priceless!!

    Do you only have those 6 comics for purchase or are there others?

    I wrote you an email about a scenario of a futureistic by order ballbusting Femdroid. and other questions about purchase.

    Or how about a guy that goes in for a testicle torsion treatment, and the nurse has to slap his twisted balls extra hard to make them swell up so the pressure then naturally untwists them!! and she does it by surprise!

    Seriously man, IM right there with Zapan, I could go on for days and endless scenarios. Tell me if you really want them coming.

    Love the new update man. She is perfect.

  14. love seeing the more masculine guys getting their junk mangled by girls. The boy in the photo is strong, well built. Love how his strong arms tighten as the jeans crush his male orbs.