Sunday, January 7, 2007

Fan Service

Got an e-mail from a fan in Italy. Here ya go amico! This is about as 'slayers' as my style gets.

So I had a sleepover with some friends the other day, one of which was my ex girlfriend. We were cuddling and falling asleep, when I felt a hand creep down to my nethers. She squeezed the hell out of my balls and refused to stop until we fooled around a little. Man, I love cool exes!



  1. Nice picture and nice Story :)

  2. Hey man!! I requested some pin cushion style work for my girlfriend early last year - and she's now a very happy lady! Mobile phone wallpaper apparantly! Brilliant stuff!

  3. i have a question, has any guy had a pin pushed into his actual ball? if so may u share?

  4. Needles and pins in or through balls is hot.