Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ballbusting Comics

Why am I most productive when I'm sick? I had a head cold yesterday, so I finished the next comic.
It's part one of a two parter, and let me tell you, I think it's some of my best work yet.
Here's a taste.

Go get it at: http://images4sale.com/store/8519

Part two coming soon, as well as the castration comic you all requested.


  1. Yeah, next comic <(^o^<) (>^o^)>

  2. Really like it :)
    got many funny scences hehe
    I really like that girl

  3. Great man my favorite by you

  4. anonymous agreementJanuary 25, 2007 at 5:43 PM

    absolutely amazing comic mate.

    best 11 bucks i've spent in a while

  5. I love it! I really love that you can see his big balls getting pressed down between his legs. There's nothing quite like seeing a big set of balls get busted. Keep up the good work.

  6. Getting better with the bare feet, so a thumbs up from me!

  7. i have a question, has any guy had a pin pushed into his actual ball? if so may u share?

  8. Thanks for the kind words everyone!
    To anonymous, there's all sorts of great pin-in-testicle pictures on the internet! :)

    I think I found some by googling CBT and such related terms. There's also a well-known video depicting a woman puncturing a man's swollen testicles with several long needles. I'm sure some snooping around will reveal some greusomely interesting photographs ;)


  9. Hi,

    could you imagine and publish the rules of a game based on ballbusting ?

    For example, the girl and the boy find questions and tell to his/her honey it. If the guy ( for instance ;) ) answer wrong, he'll get a kick in nuts ... or something other, the girl decides !

    Have you ever heard about a game similar to this ?

    ( excuse my english, i'm french. )

  10. Excellent work! I hope the girls that turn up in the next comic are wearing mini skirts

  11. Looks like excelente work i havent been able to buy cause, my card was recently involved in some kind of fraud, and i havent gotten my new card... anyway i can pay u through paypal Em? if so can you please mail me at cardpogi@hotmail.com

  12. excellent comic on the castration one consider more like fresh squessed or women of sports dropping bowling balls on guys nuts and playing pool with his balls

  13. Great Stuff!

    When do you think part 2 will come out?


  14. I just found this site - so I am waaaaaaayyyyy behind in my comments - but I must say (having bought the 2 Millionaire's Daughter comix) that these are some awesome works. I look forward to when her friends show up so they can all abuse his balls together! Watch them stomped, punched, kicked, stretched, and swelling bigger and bigger! One thing that I think makes this comic great is her playful attitude - where she's not just some mean bitch yelling that she's going to destroy his balls - but a cute, sweet 'friendly' girl who just happens to hit him in the balls over and over and over! You rock man!!!!