Sunday, April 9, 2006

Retrieved my DATA!

YES! Thanks to EaseUse, the perfect lil' program that could acces my drive and find my files! WHOOHOO!
Ilny2000, here's your pic. I tried a totally different style for it, curious what y'all think.
Glad to have my files back, stay tuned for more toons, created joyously and without fear.
I'll be backing up religiously from now on. {whew!}
Thanks again to Dereknor for filling in with his toons.


  1. Yeah very nice.
    You're very versatile. I really like how you've gotten the shiney feel for some of the reflected light. Plus it's cool to see a wide variety of styles (including this soft, bubble rounded, 3-D image) with this theme.


  2. LOL! Well it didn't take me long to find it, did it!

    Very nice :-) I'm humbled and honored.

    It's amazing how versatile you are. This picture looks like nothing you've ever done before - a totally different style.

    But you know, I kinda found a pic on your site that's pretty close to what I was looking for, except for the cabaret outfits the dancers wear!

    I love the faces you draw on the women in your 2 dimensional art.

    Thanks Knave! Perhaps I'll send you something else in the continuing saga of Sock Girl!

  3. Damn you. You do good work. And congrats on retriveing your data. Damn and she wearing thigh high stockings... I love it.

  4. I'm glad the pic has gone over well. It's definitely a departure from my usual style, but it was a lot of fun to do.


  5. "How does one advertise this?"
    Your guess is as good as mine friend.

  6. hm, this isn't mine ;)

    I prefer your other styles. This one looks so computeranimated.


  7. you do great work. I think your best piece was the twins in black and white. That was amazing. However, I think you should focus more on "hands on" pics. Who cares about a kick when you can involve the girl's hands and facial expressions.

  8. Congratulations for your work!
    Just a suggestion: most of the guys you draw are well endowed with big nuts. Why don't you draw a "very small" guy, and better yet: being busted for having disappointed his girlfriend about his size.
    Guys like me(small cock, small balls) also have the right to show in this blog! LOL
    Keep the good wok.

  9. Naw, the guy has got to have big meaty balls, that's the best part....though he does have a point.Maybe some size variety would be good, just make sure that once in a while the guy has big dangling nuts.

  10. I've got huge balls and a normal cock.

    My wife loves watching my big balls bounce on her knee!

  11. I LOVE big balls. My bf is this hot italian guy, he's hung like a horse! I can watch his grapefruit sized balls just swing from side to side for hours. I wish he were here now...damn.