Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Money Problems

My girlfriend and I recently tried something we'd never done before. She stood up fully on my balls. It....was....AWESOME! Anyway, I got obsessed with her dancing on me, so here's a pic of some hotties, inspired by my baby.
For those who care, and people to whom I owe personalized pics, I finally looked into Amazon 's donation system. It's nice because the donater can change their mind and be fully refunded, but sadly Amazon still takes their percentage of the exchange regardless, which means the donatee loses 2% of what the donation would have been, therefore losing money. Oh well, no such thing as a free lunch.
Maybe I'll look into PayPal, though I think I would have to subscribe or something.
{shrug} Ideas anyone?

1 comment:

  1. As far as the subject is concerned this is one of my favourites. The girls don't look so young: they are middle thirties that for some reason really hate men. And I like the man on the left (that popped) been darker ... it looks like like video game ... broken so color changed!