Thursday, March 23, 2006

My First CatGirl

Here she first attempt ever at drawing a cat girl. I've seen plenty of them in animé I would never want to watch, and at nerd conventions I no longer attend, but I've managed all this time never to actually draw one. So let me know what you think! I like her spunky attitude. {meow}

I recently got some splendid gifts in my e-mail from a BB enthusiast and his lady friend. I officially encourage the sending of gift images and movies of cuteys in socks (or whatever) having some fun with balls to my hotmail account (knavebb@).
I was also recently asked about my stance on guest art.
I LOVE IT! If you've got some BB toons you would like to see on the site, feel free to send those too, and we'll all appreciate your talent together!


  1. Nice, I think I'd go with a lighter color tone for the cat though (maybe tabby tan :) Either that or maybe it's just the background on the last pic that is too close to her coloring which can wash out the character. As I look at it again it might just be the background because I love the shot with in front of the red. Just a thought, aside from that it's perfection :)


  2. I tried the tabby tan, and it seemed too human for my tastes. I guess I could have gone with an orange, maybe with white stripes. Hmmm. Well, I feel it's pretty good for a first try. Thanks a lot for the critiques!

  3. I though it was going to be more a catwoman thing, but it's great anyway.

  4. It's different, I like it. I wouldnt mind seeing her again in a new picture. Great stuff as usual.

  5. It's awesome, I love it... *does knave rocks dance*

  6. Magician of Black ChaosMarch 24, 2006 at 3:11 PM

    KITTYGIRL!!! *glomps* I LOVE KITTY GIRLS!!! *is kicked in the nuts* owww...

  7. MoBC, that's not the way to get girls, you do it like this...

    Me: hey, a real kitty girl, very cute... *pets*

    KittyGirl: *Purrs*

    Me: let's get married

    KittyGirl: okay *jumps into my arms*

    Retarded Preacher: Duhhh... I now are pronouncing man and you wife. kiss her!

    Me: *kisses*

  8. Super, you can really draw everything Knave ;)

    Sooo, whgats about a BB-comic ? hehe


  9. Nice cartoon, however I do not like zoophylia... strange mix, not sexual at all.

  10. It ain't zoophilia, it's just a catgirl, not an actual cat.

    That said, MORE CATGIRL! Woot, awesome stuff knave.

  11. Go cat girl! Now if only she could bite too ...

  12. It's more "fuzzy" then zoophilia. And while I'm not into fuzzy, the pic is still really good. Despite her being a cat girl, she definately has an attitude level, and its something different. I definately hope we see her knee another guy in the future. (Or kick) ((I dont do bites, never my thing lol))

  13. i love Her! especially in that second frame - that look is perfect. thoroughly sexy/dangerous/Bitchy-attitudinous. and such aim! =)