Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Coloring Contest Prize

I finally have a hiatus from work, so I finished the combination pic. Legend, I'm sorry, I couldn't fit in your request, so I'm saving her for an upcoming picture.
The votes are tallied, Kinta-man and Nutcracker both win for the caption contest! Comment with requests for pics amigos. On a further note, I'm going to save up the next contest for the 100,000 mark, and boy will it be a doozy. Until then I'll post stuff from my own imagination. Of course random comments and ideas are always welcome :)
Until next time.


  1. omg, typo in such an awesome pic.

    But other than that, I love it.

  2. AAAAGH!! thanks dunstfan, fixed it.
    Guess I was in a rush :)

  3. YAY!! I rock *does I rock dance*

    Cool pic by the way... now... what to request... *snaps* I know... KITTY PEOPLES!! a kitty girl, kneeing a normal guy for making fun of her kitty-esque-ness. kitty peoples referring to peoples with kitty ears and tails, and no human ears...

  4. Congrats Nutcracker! I can't wait to see more pics, all I ask is that they have big beefy nuts. I love the latest picture btw.

  5. oh my, that combo pic is lovely, maybe the hottest yet...i love the red shoes, and i'd always wanted to see nuts in a vice...
    Ahh, I feel so honored. Well, um, hmm...Ideally I think I'd want a pic of oman-kogal and myself--we took some pictures and video back in january that I think you'd love, if we can get 'em to you somehow...maybe a temporary spamhole email address I could mail a .torrent to? Otherwise I'll just try to describe us as best i can.

  6. Awesome stuff Knave, as always! I love the grab from the middle girl! Nutcracker...Kitty people? W00t! Can't wait!

    Knave, what's your policy on guest art? It's been a while since I did any drawing so I'll be a little rusty, but I'd love to do you a picture of some sort, let you know you're appreciated ;)


  7. Delicieux !
    encore !
    never stop this incrédible dream

  8. That Vice picture turned out so much better then I had imagined! Thank you so much.

    Very Very Sexy picture.

  9. I never really get off to a girl crushing, cutting off, or otherwise permanently damaging my nuts.

    This picture though is hot, I guess I want a girl that will get my nuts out of this state where they are stuck to my body. Like, you know, Native Americans talk about dying so they can be reborn, that sort of thing.