Monday, February 27, 2006

Finally Well

Deeyamn! That took long enough. I'm done taking my antibiotics, and all my symptoms (from the 3 or 4 sicknesses I got at once) are gone. I still haven't figured out how I'm doing the last winner pic (it's complicated) but rest assured it'll be out eventually. Your hard work will be rewarded :)
In the mean time I thought it would be fun to do a caption contest! I got some great suggestions for caption contests, and I'll follow up on those, later. This one is a pic I just, couldn't think up good captions for. So have a good time! The word balloons are numbered, so comment here with your ideas and we'll all figure out which one is best. There is of course a prize, but it will be finished after I get the last one out there.
Also, I'm trying to find out a good way to post animations. Any ideas? I'm going to have flash files to show off soon.
Thanks for the reikis everyone!


  1. 1) I bet I can squeeze more out of my boy's balls...
    2) Oh no, honey, I'm sure I'll have you beat.
    3) agghhh...since she hasn't let me cum in two weeks...
    4) Let's stomp the cream right out of these, ok sweetie?
    5) We're gonna WIN, even if I have to pop---oh?!!

  2. 1:How many times do you think we can kick or smash balls in 10 minutes?
    2: I dunno. We'll find out!
    3: OMG...10 minutes of ball punishment!
    4: 100 hits... 6 more minutes to go!
    5: 256hits! and the last hit...

  3. Hm, nice pics and nice comments so far ;)
    Its hard to write short comments which are also hot, when you are not a native english talker, so I will wait for the next coloring contest or something like that hehe

    I'm taking Antibotica too at the moment ;(
    But I hope my Reiki will arrive soon ;)


  4. 1. You know, using black magic to bring these Oscar statues to life was the best idea we've ever had!

    2. Tell me about it, now we can get some of our fustrations out over the picks this year.

    3. This so isnt fair... I'm just the statue, its not like I actually get to pick any of the winners!

    4. This is for the lack of any mainstream movies up for best picture!

    5. This is for Harry Potter not being up for best special effects!

  5. 1. okay, time to make some peanut butter.

    2.Yummy, homemade peanut butter

    3. Uh... aren't they supposed to use real peanuts?

    4. I always thought you were supposed to add sugar, though.

    5. Nah, the pop sound is sweet enough.

  6. 1. Okay, this is the best way to get semen to create homunculi.

    2. Really? and to think I was using sex for so long.

    3. What the fuck are homunculi?

    4. Nah, some of it goes inside you, and you still don't get all of the rest.

    5. Yeah, there's already a lot more.

  7. Okay guys, these..are great! GREAT! I loved the sexy ones, and laughed my ass off at the comedic ones. Dude, Raven, homonculi!? I nearly fuckin' died! And Ed, brilliant! Dereknor, get better. I'll send you mojo, it's my version of reikis I guess.

  8. Thanks! Mojo ? Hm, hope it is some kind of Austin Powers mojo ;)

  9. 1) Hey, look at this! What's that worm between his legs?

    2) Oh, Honey, don't be fool, they're nude men. May be you should leave now the computer and live the real life!

    3) Oh my god! What kind of ballbusters are these two dumb girls?

    4) I'll teach you what kind of ballbusters we are!

    5) Hey! It is funny... may be I should try with my boyfriend later

    6) Oh Shit! Just three kicks and it's gone! I hate premature ejaculation!

  10. 1. So you guys do this every Friday night?
    2. Or more often, if I think he needs an attitude adjustment.
    3. Don't stare at her breasts...if I get hard she'll squeeze them till I cry.
    4. He loves our special nights, don't you honey?? (WHAM!)
    5. I think this one might need it every day! (THWUNK!)

  11. JimBob, I highly approve of the sound effect "Thwunk". Highly hilarious.

  12. uh... anonymous, there are only 5 captions.

  13. anonymous agreementMarch 3, 2006 at 8:47 PM

    can we enter with images?
    can we enter more than once?

  14. 1.Ok Stud, we’ve taken off our heels.

    2.Yeah. So this shouldn’t hurt TOO much! (Giggle…)

    3.(Oh God! Oh God!! Oh God…!!)

    4.How did you say to pop them?

    5.It’s ALL in the ankle!

  15. BTW, shouldn't their balls be a bit redder? LOL. Great pic. Keep 'em bustin'!

  16. 1. keep your legs apart! Hee hee, can you believe they let us do this?
    2. I know, giggle... they are helpless to the desires of 2 lil girls!
    3. how could i say no to such a perfect lil Goddess?
    4. Hee hee, i love they way they wince.
    5. HAAAAaaaa... that was a good one, smirk, hear him holding back that scream?

  17. anonymous agreementMarch 8, 2006 at 8:07 AM

    1. Do you think Tim thinks I look hot in these socks?
    2. Hahaha! Do you think James likes the look of my magnificent breasts in this top...
    3. Don't answer.... Don't answer... you know it will get worse if you answer...
    4. *nghhn* ...or do you think he's got other things to worry about?
    5. *nhhn* I think he's probabky just glad I took off my shoes!

  18. uspsfanalan@yahoo.comMarch 10, 2006 at 2:30 PM

    1. Almond Joy's got nuts...
    2. Mounds don't because...
    3. What the FUCK????
    4. Sometimes you feel like a nut...
    5. Sometimes you don't...

  19. Hmm, I hope EM is still fine ;(

  20. anonymous agreementMarch 13, 2006 at 3:16 AM

    Yeah it's been awful quiet around these parts... a little too quiet.

  21. anonymous agreementMarch 13, 2006 at 2:54 PM

    I can't go past confused_ed's offering.

  22. 1 - Honey are you ready for the ballbusting milking contest ?
    2 - Hubby, I'm gonna smash your balls until all the cum's out ! I hope your 1 year chastity will help us...
    3 - Oh no, she love competition so much that she will not hesitate to pop my nuts...
    4 - First you beat the meat, then...
    5 - Darling, if they win, you'll be castrated, I swear !!!