Saturday, February 11, 2006

Contest Winners!

Because there weren't too many entrants, and everyone did such a great job, You all win! Each of you gets to suggest something for a specialized toon, and I'll do my damndest to make it all work.
Hey, it's a cop out, but I'm too nice a guy to choose one winner! Or I'm just a huge pussy. {shrug}
Congrats to:
Julie M
and of course the unstoppable...

Let's here it for'em folks, comment on their awesomeness!


  1. Sure glad you copped out or I most surely would have lost. I'll let you know when I think of something to request. Should it be posted here or to your e-mail?


  2. I have no special wish, I just had fun coloring it ;)


  3. Thanks for the cop-out knave!

    To everyone else, wow, I really love all of these! so many different takes on the same peice!

    I for one would like constructive criticism.

    How the hell do you guys color the gradual shading so well? Just airbrushnig a selection or is there some trick I'm missing?

    I've only ever been worth a damn at cell-shading with a clean line instead of a fade between colors.

    If I had to vote, I'd say BustedNuts won.

  4. Uh... what was I gonna say? Oh yeah uh... do you think you could make some of your drawings in a really anime/manga style? you know, with the great big ol' eyes that are all colory and stuff and the long legs and little not bigass real life ugly noses? OH!!! AND KITTY GIRLS, WITH KITTY EARS AND KITTY TAILS AND FUZZY SKIN BUT HUMAN FACES!!!

  5. Someone who does not existFebruary 12, 2006 at 4:44 PM

    Ballbusting, yay!!!! now if only there was cuntbusting too!!!!

  6. The goddess of lethargic potatoesFebruary 12, 2006 at 5:01 PM

    I love your site.

  7. No manga please... keep occidental drawing, dont turn to terrible and 'everybodys style' manga.

    by the way, Dplay's is the best for me

  8. julie's is the standout for me

  9. I don't think there any danger knave will start ONLY drawing in anime. but 1 lil anime pic would e neat.

  10. Mikeman101 aka mm101February 13, 2006 at 2:05 PM

    Thank heavens everybody won. I would have lost for sure. Everyone who submitted a entrant did such a good job. Who knew there was so much talent out there.

    Anyway, since I was one of the few who entered and in turn won. My request would be for you draw a cartoon with the guy's nuts in a vice or a clamp. The girl is standing in front of him and she is interrogating him while turning the vice. You could draw him with his head back and tears flying out the sides or whatever. I would love to see your artistic take on the situation.

    Thanks again for your unique and very sexy contributions to the Ball Busting community and keep up the good work!!!

  11. Great comments folks! To all those that won, (you too mike, sorry) send your ideas to my hotmail account from the same account you used to send your entry. I will be working on the toon this week. :)

  12. heres an idea for a future toon :)
    Maybe have two girls punching his sac from opposite sides. Like squishing a ball between thier fists? Or the heels of thier feet perhaps?

  13. you should have a caption contest

  14. I agree with nobody man, catgirls rock. love your work btw.