Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy New Year!

Sorry for the delay in updates friends! I've been hard at work with "traditional" work but I've also had a lot more time to work on my collaborative project, which is exciting! It's getting closer and closer to completion every day, so hang in there chums!!!!!
Until then, I wanted to make this piece that I had promised to a dear, dear friend months and months ago.
He'll go unnamed for his own protection but he is probably my number one, extra super-duper super fan. He has been there for me through thick and thin, wished me well, bolstered my spirits and helped remind me why I update this little doodle blog at all. Anyway, I wanted to show him a little appreciation, so I drew him a personal pic. I liked how it turned out, so I wanted to post it here. I hope he doesn't mind ;)
ALSO!! Here are some more ideas that were submitted to me from you brilliant minds out there! They are other options you will be able to vote on for the next comic, though it's looking thus far like folks just really want Millionaire's Daughter III. We'll see :)

- - -

1.) What about an ongoing story about a woman's search for true love in the dating world (you could draw her and her dates going to the movies, having a fancy dinner, walking in the park, etc.). Now she is a sweet and totally slutty girl, the type that guys would drool over, and do anything to date. Only thing is, she's a "jinx" and bad things always happen to the balls of every guy she dates, getting worser as the date goes on (these scenes would totally be up to your imagination, cos mine is lame).

2.) What about drawing some Amazons which are fighting with naked boys and ---
guess - bullbust and castrate them to take their trophies.

3.) The Android Ballbusters from Planet FemDo7 are now available for order!!!
Also known as the "Shockers", which comes from their ability to turn a man's hair instantly white with as little as one kick, are manafactured with full female anatomy. The vaginal seal however, can not be penetrated until the visual sensory of a "Shocker" detects a purple hue in the man's scrotum, present from ruptured blood vessels. In our most superior models (pictured above)--which is the blank you had that i used as the add pic, I colored the guys balls completely purple, and hes spluging....the vaginal seal does not unlock until the entire scrotum is purple with burst vessels and capalaries. And then, you better hurry fellas. The entry is only permittable for 5 minuetes before it instantly rejects the penis. And just because you paid top dollar for a Shocker, does not mean you can disrespect or abuse them while performing intercourse. A preset of all possible actions and verbal abuse have been installed in the Shocker. And if these presets have been tripped off by improper actions, the Shockers anus is equipped with a powerful "ball-grabbing" vacuum that will suck your testicles inside one by one into an anal like cavity. Dont by any means think this is a good thing boys... A Shocker's anal like structure is 3 times narrower than that of human femals anus. And it will only stretch half as much. At this point the cavity will contract and immediatly cause your testicles to purge all seminal fluids out the head of the penis. ....You should be glad guys! At least we are still letting you cum! We dont want our premere customers so suffer...too much. Remember guys, just because you purchased a Shocker, does not mean that you own her.

- - -

THAT IS ALL (for now) keep your dial tuned here true believers! Big things coming soon!
<3 <3 <3


  1. From this three ideas i really like the first one, it must be awesome to see the dates and the reaction of the girl to all the ballbusting jinx

  2. Sweet pic man!

    The jinxed woman premise where all her dates end in an unexpected shot to the balls for her unwary male suitors sounds great.

    The young couple goes to a pool hall and her date accidentally gets the butt end of the woman's pool stick in the nuts while he's trying to teach her how to shoot.

    On another date, they go to the batting cages and she distracts the guy with lots of silly questions about baseball, which results in him getting nailed in the balls.

    There could be a scene were they go to the park and play on the see-saw, and the chick gets off too quickly, causing the hard wooden plank to slam up into the unsuspecting dude's legs and lift him off his feet.

    Another date could get interrupted where the couple have to watch the woman's young niece, and while in the process of playing twister, the the two girls stumble and fall on his nuts.

    Really cool idea, I like it!

  3. I would go with number 3, android ballbusters. Sounds like a very interesting angle and is more thought out than the others.

  4. Um, Knave? I don't want to sound ungrateful, but that pic doesn't look like me at all ;-)

    Your Biggest Fan

  5. Have to vote for millionaires daughter 3 and then android ballbusters.

  6. Knave! I love the pic! As always, you come through with class. Well done, my friend!

    My full support is behind MD3 for the next comic, but it looks like we have some good brainstorming going on. :D How about a far flung amazonian scout group coming upon a man in the jungle, and they capture him. On the long, multi-day trek back to camp for a ceremony they enjoy using his seemingly indestructible balls for entertainment!

  7. I reckon you could have a lot of fun with the jinxed girl. You could set up each scene in just a few quick panels before really going to town on the money shot of the guy getting busted.
    If you need any suggestions on accidents I'm sure we can help.
    How about one tries to teach her to bowl and catches the bowling ball in the sac? Maybe they could go abseiling and he ends up being hung from his nuts... I could go on. Drop me a mail if you'd like more suggestions, mate.

  8. amazons are classic, but anything with castration would make me happy.

  9. I do love accidental/innocent ballbusting. Voting for option 1 of this post imo <3