Friday, May 28, 2010

Still Workin'

Hey guys. I'm swamped with freelance and normal work but I'm still working on the collaboration and hope to have something to show y'all very very soon!
Until then, and I know these don't have BB in them but I used to practice drawing women just like any boy did, so I thought I'd go back into the wayback machine and find some of my old sketches to show. They're terrible yes, but they're a good reminder to me to always try to do better.
New stuff coming soon!!!!

Okay, I found more oldies that I don't think a lot of you have. These are attempts I made to bring my cartoony style in touch with the real world. Again, always good to remind myself that I need to try harder. Enjoy?



  1. Hell, I'm just glad to your work old or new. Keep posting!

  2. Awesome. I love the first one in particular. It doesn't take much imagination to think about what it is they're kicking.

  3. The woman in the last picture is almost a classical life-study. Very statuesque and perfectly formed. Well done, mon ami.

  4. I love how the one on the left is so sexy and confident in her kick that she can fix her hair and smile wryly.

    I wish I knew these women and I wish they'd kick me.

  5. knave please tell people to go to my ballbusting story's site please all i want is praise YOURS SINCERELY TW;)

  6. The last picture, the one that looks realistic, is amazingly hot!! IMO, your best work.

    I much prefer the realistic looking drawings.

  7. I really understand that your life is much bigger than making fetish cartoons for online peeps to wack to.
    But man, almost two months and no updates makes me sad. You're really the best in the business, and I can't wait to buy more of your stuff. So make some! Please?

  8. At least the last update was good for a few months worth of whacking ;)

  9. OMG knave i love these women i want them to hurt my balls their so sexy. the first picture can kick me any day they want right in my balls

  10. Ah, it's nearly August, and still no update. All you fans do cry out. Well, we can all hope that one day you shall grace us again with your amazing awesomeness.

  11. I still have faith. There's always enough to keep me busy on this site anyway, even if I've seen it all before. I'd let these women kick me more than once any day. Not that I'd have a choice (or want one)

  12. Hello hello hello,
    Is there anybody in there?
    Just nod if you can hear me.
    Is there anyone at home?

    Come on, come on down,
    I hear you’re feeling down.
    Well I can ease your pain,
    Get you on your feet again.


  13. your work is greatly missed but hope you're having a good summer :)

  14. were these drawn from your head or from a source image? if the latter, i'd love to see it. i'm kind of a little bit in love with the blonde

  15. i meant the sexy kicking ladies in the first image, who i yearn to be kicked by.