Tuesday, January 5, 2010

BE Toon?

Hey true believers! So I may or may not have a lot more time on my hands soon to draw more comics, like a lot more comics, and animations as well I'm still working on those. Anyway, if I have more time I've always been curious to try branching out into another of my fetishes, large breasts and breast expansion. It's a pretty popular fetish which leads me to believe folks might like my take on it, but I figured I'd get your opinions first.
Here's a real quick sketch of a girly with various booby sizes. I could see her busting balls or having sexy adventures, she seems like a nice, adventurous girl. What do you guys think?
Also, thanks a trillion to the guys that bought Amy and Iain #3. I hope you liked it, I'll hopefully have another comic to post before too long. Until then, I'll be posting some more freebies here soon.
Peace all!


  1. yes. Do some by wendys whoopers, etc.... i think that would be wonderful. Esp big hooter jap girls or latinas

  2. oooo did i here japanese/chinese/korean? im in for those....

  3. im still waiting for a response for the comic I brought a week ago? amy and ian 2. I brought it on image avenue if that matters. Out of the 4 comics I brought that day only that one had an issue

  4. So that's two votes for big booby comics?
    @Sockmess: Image Avenue? I'm not familiar with that service. They sell my comics? Please send me a link and any further information you have to knavebb@hotmail etc.

  5. I like the girl! But I vote for the first picture. Decent sized boobs, but thick hips and legs. Perfect for busting!

  6. She's cute. A little heavy for my fantasy tastes, but cute. She could really do some damage to some poor blokes balls, though! I like the middle picture the best, as far as breast-size goes.

    I wouldn't mind you getting into larger breasts, though I've personally never been much of a fan of the 'expansion' stuff.

    Thanks again, Knave. Oh, and dig the sig on the pic *thumbs up*


  7. I'd say the middle lass, a bit bigger than the first but she's not too big as the last.

  8. I vote YES on larger breasts AND breast expansion. I'd really like to see what you could do with that...

    and I would also love to see some redheaded scottish/celtic girls come in! (with either BB or BE)

  9. I'm all for large breasts. I really like the idea of big boob ball busting. BBBB?

    Good stuff. As long as you stay productive people will keep coming back.


  10. The bigger the better!

  11. i like the one in the middle. Slimmer waist but keep boob size. Have her in leather and spike stilletto heals

  12. I vote NO on BE. Please at least incorporate BB into any BE that you do.

  13. I love big tits as you know, but surprisingly I have never heard of breast expansion as a fetish - can't say I like the sound of it either, but I'm always interested in your take on a subject.

    As for the image - the girl in the middle is about right, maybe a tad too big, but as someone has already said, she is a bit on the chunky side for my liking.

    I just hope that whatever you decide to do you add a bit more nudity!

  14. I like small breast :D

    So I vote for the first picture ;)

  15. I'd def love to see something with this girl! (first or second pic with me) long time reader and first time commenter, that's how much I'd love to see that, I'd def fork out for the comic too ;)
    (She reminds me of my first ballbusting gf =p)