Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Hey Boyos! Okay, sorry for the tiny image in the post, but I had to update because I was so excited! I finished shading the Castration Comic today! Now it's just finishing the backgrounds and any additional details. Once that's done I've only got a few outstanding projects to finish up before the new stuff goes online! I'm So Excited! This image is a real tiny teaser for the comic, I'm very proud of the colors, line quality, shading and especially the story and action. I don't want to toot my horn, but it's fucking awesome. I'm not even into castration and it's been very difficult to finish without taking breaks to, work out some...kinks. Anyway! We're very close to a Christmas or slightly belated Christmas release! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! AAAAHHH!!


  1. Ohhh boy, can't wait !

    She shadows and radiations are awesome indeed !
    It really pulps up your drawing !

    Just one thing, have you noticed she only have four fingers ?
    Is it a mistake or the general style of the comic ?
    Because, speaking scrictly for myself, i really prefer a more realistic style, number of fingers does matter when it comes to performing ablative surgery !

  2. Ha! Well she gets as many fingers as she needs to finish the job right, I promise :)

  3. cant wait to buy the next comic :D

  4. She looks like a freak with only 4 fingers.

  5. Honestly, a large number of cartoons use only four fingers. It's not that big a deal. Look at almost anything on Disney or Cartoon Network.

    That particular snippet of a picture just happens to draw the eye to it, because of the specific position of the thin fingers.

    Personally, I've always found the cartoonish nature of the illustrations here to be a large part of the appeal. If I wanted a perfect replica of reality, I'd be on any of the thousand or so porno sites that populate the internet.

  6. Woohoo! YAY KNAVE! Can't wait to see the new site, dear. Merry Christmas to all, eh?


  7. I really hope you die in a fire

    Honestly, David