Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm Back!

Hey all! So my computer died. It crapped out at possibly the worst time, making me lose some data (not a whole lot thankfully) and setting me back awhile in freelance and porn stuff. I also had to buy all new software and new accessories, such as a new wacom tablet for my new computer, but I'm back up and running at basically full capacity again! Phew! To celebrate, here's Jon Offen's latest cover I promised him like, eighteen months ago. It's for "Nat's Heavyweights" and stars Nat, Jon's "improbably busty" heroine. I'm alive and well, but I'll be spending the next few weeks trying to get back on track with work that I've missed.
It's good to be back. :)


  1. I't about time !
    Glad to see you back, especially with some mega-boobies art !

    If you need cash for all your new hardware, you know you just got to update your store, we'll be glad to feed the artist.

  2. Yay! Sir Knave! Great piece. I really love this one. Very fun.

    Keep it coming! (har har har)


  3. Wow, your last rig took a major crap if you have to replace everything down to your tablet huh?

    Sorry to hear it!

  4. Glad to see you're back...and I love Nat's Heavyweights...one of my favorites

  5. Thanks all! It's good to be back.
    Yep, my ol' compy died the big death. Thankfully I upgraded everything while I was starting anew, so I've got a pretty bitchin' system now ;)

  6. Good to see you back :)

  7. Amazing, Knave. With that pose she's really playing to the crowd and you've got that 'costume' down perfectly - I'd love to see a full frontal shot :)

    Were you reduced to pen and paper for a while there? I'd love to see the process of making such fantastic illustrations - it really intrigues me.

    And I'm feeling guilty now that I haven't finished your story yet... I have no excuses, you've seen how I write, some stories wait around for a while until I get some inspiration, but fret not; I will finish it soon...ish.

  8. can u draw a muscular woman ballbusting id really like to see that

  9. Ha, I had my hair just like that the other day!

  10. wow, sucks to hear you lost your computer (especially when you are an artist, that means you lose your stuff!) Anyway always looking forward to your new creations!

  11. Hey, can I send you a payment through Paypal instead of the store thing? I don't really want to enter my credit card details.