Tuesday, March 25, 2008

First Cover for Jonoffen

Here's the first cover for Jon's story trade. I eagerly await his brilliant work.
I'm working on animations, and hope to have the site up soon. I know, I know, I said that like two years ago...well keep your pants on!


  1. Ahh, thats from this game, where he had to pull his ball through a ring isnt it?

    Nice one ;)

  2. Knave, the blonde is one of your hottest girls ever. Great work. However, I can�t follow the action very well.

  3. Can't keep your pants on if they're already off... ;)

    Love it, dearest Knave! Can't wait to see more!


  4. The girls this time around were much better...

    seems your artwork is improving. :)

  5. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. You got Lilly and Jamie down perfectly - the faces are spot on. Even their stances fit them down to the ground - the way Jamie is stood so confidently with that fantastic crotch on display and Lilly leaning in curiously - just perfect.
    I knew this trade would be worth it!

  6. I loved this one, it's one of the few naked busts that I like=)

    I like the expression on the brunette, but I love the hair on both!!

    em you make my day, and it was such a rotten one too


  7. Knave, the successor of DBabble:
    Come here...

  8. Hey Knave,

    these ballbusting stories that are written by Knave, are these yours? Or is that another ballbusting knave? ;)

  9. Thanks everyone!
    Jon, I'm especially pleased that you liked it. :)
    Dereknor, I wrote stories called "BallGames", "The BBest Relationship", "Cultural Differences" and maybe a few more that have escaped me.

  10. "The BBest Relationship" is one of the best sex stories I ever read. Wish I could find a relationship like that. Your a lucky man.

  11. Ah, then you should go on and write some more stories some times ;)

    Or make comics out of them?
    Hm, but maybe you got enough work with drawing. Need a cloningmachine? ;)