Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ball Busting Comics and Animations

The madness is almost over! I'm nearly done with the last three projects that were monopolizing all of my free time. Once I've put them to rest and collected my fat checks, I'm going to open the brand new comic/animation page. I've written something like 12 new books and four or five new animations, so keep your eyes here for updates. It's good to be back!

P.S. To all of you fans who've requested proprietary characters, I apologize, but that's not my bag. I hope you understand. ;)


  1. Oooooh animations!! How exciting, I look forward to it. =)

    BTW, it would be nice if you drew uncircumcised penis' once in a while. Mix it up a bit, not all penis' look the same!

  2. anonymous agreementAugust 15, 2007 at 2:52 AM

    I'm so glad to have you back, em.

    I've been checking this site more than once a day.

  3. anything on the castration comic?

  4. Fantastic man! I have always loved the disembodied genitals stuff. More please! And no uncut cocks please too... turns the missus off! Animation! Woop! Lemme know where and when to pay. :)

  5. i´m looking foward for the castration comics!! love it!

    greetings from brazil guys!

  6. Quick update, I'm going to try to have a bunch of new comics for sale when I open the new site, including the ballet and castration comics. It'll be a lil' treasure trove of updates. :)

    Well, I think I splooged just hearing that, so just think what the actual update will do.

  7. Can I buy your comix via Wabmoney Payment Method?

    Cause this Payment Method did not find on images4sale page :(


  8. Hey EM - getting kinda itchy now - how much longer must we wait!? :)

  9. For what it's worth, I'm hoping you'll continue to put your new comics etc up for sale on images4sale, em dear! However you should know that none of the thumbnail images there are working on your page there. Please fix, as it's a potential harm to sales for you, and your work should be given all the help it can to succeed and flourish. *hugs* :)

    Rachel :)

  10. EM,
    I see a lot of your old stuff on different bb boards and bb group pages. If you still have your old work you should post some in this blog. I'm sure we would all enjoy seeing it. Plus it would give some filler between new work.

    Just a thought. I love your work.


  11. Where can we find you older art work? The work here is excellent and I look forward to seeing more soon. More short skirt and lingerie busts please............

  12. EM!

    When!? How's things going? I'm eager to give you my money!!!

  13. i masterbated over your work for some time now and i true enjoy it, keep up the goood work :)

    love joker0137


  14. did knave get hit by a car or something?

  15. Knave doesnt get hit by a car, a car get hit by Knace ! :O