Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Asian Ballbusting for AB

AB propositioned me for a trade; A toon for another personalized story. This is what I came up with as per his instructions. I'm pretty happy with it. On a side note, I might be voluntarily dropping some ass-hole clients of mine, which would mean a little more time to draw hot girls kicking balls. It's not set in stone yet, but I'm sick of being mistreated and paid poorly by these jerks. Life's too short.



  1. Let me publicly thank em for his awesome drawing, he got my gf to the last strand of hair!
    He got me without a picture, and he complimented my bulge quite well:)
    You rock!

  2. one last thing, Im guessing you draw it all by hand and use the computer to colour it, or some machine or other, which program do you use to do your stuff? If you colour them by hand too, you are my hero.

  3. hey, man, hope you get the better of the clients, not worth losing your mind over.
    anyhow, if you want stories, i have stories and pictures (RL pictures of girls that i base the stories on). if you want to draw, i can definately send them to you.

  4. Awesome job! Asian girls are the HOTTEST!!!

  5. anonymous agreementJune 6, 2007 at 10:40 AM

    dude, that's your girlfriend?! and she busts you? dressed like that?! you are one extremely lucky man!

  6. actually, uptill the giving of her this comic, she was pretty oblivious to the fetish, though i did get busted casually, and she never wore her thing until she saw that, and if you're with a vietnamese girl, the proper way to pronounce it is "ao dai".Plus, the story i made for him pales in comparison to his picture. It has to be the greatest thing ive ever seen.

  7. anonymous agreementJune 11, 2007 at 11:50 PM

    how did she react to seeing the picture?

  8. the first words were:

    "whoa, titties"

    and then we started busting as a recreational activity.

  9. Which one is it? Is she going to out on a date with him or not? Girls always have boys by the balls.