Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Big things in the works

Right! Did someone ask for more punches? I don't even remember anymore.
Here ya go! I felt wierd drawing this one, no idea why. The style is...different from my usual. It was a fun excercise though.
I'm working on an idea...a fun one. Will post updates.


  1. Hi!
    Your work is EXCELLENT!
    It is the first time I come to this site I found it terrific!!!

    I guess you are open to sugestions so here goes:

    Most people enjoy w little girl/teen to bust a older or taller or stronger man: it just gives the female empowering sensation.

    However I (and I think a lot of people) enjoy to see an older / taller female (but not those freaky muscled women) busting a young boy. It is very rare in movies I can just remember "Agent Cody Banks 1". So my sugestion is a cartoon of a attractive/hottie women (+/- 20-25 years old) kneing or kicking a teen (+/- 12 y.o.)

    Hope you take in account my suggestion.
    Once again, congratulations for your work!! Keep it growing!

    Best regards,

    José Rodriguez
    (sorry my english but I am spanish)

  2. José, your english is great!
    I personally prefer mature women busting mature men. My preferences aside, I've never filled any requests for younger busters or bustees because I don't like the message it sends. Maybe I can do something with a shorter man for you. :)
    Thanks for visiting the site, glad you like it!


  3. that guy looks anarexic. Is he allright?

    /Nice cartoon by the way

  4. I guess he is pretty thin. A lot of my characters end up taking on traits I possess, and I'm a tall thin guy with a big nose. Hence, well you can connect the dots. :)


  5. lol, I like it. Punches are always good. Though I would still love to see more men with great big balls. Once again, I love your sight. Keep up the great work.

  6. I noticed the moving sunbeam in the cartoon. Great details.

  7. thanks moonbeam! I'm glad it came across, I was a little worried about its subtlety.

  8. I hope you do more like this one. Though not your style, you really should experiment with it more. Heels suck :p


  9. I like how she has all her fingers wrapped firmly around his family jewels.